FE14 – Paralogue 22: An Unexpected Encounter [Eponine] Story Summary

This is the last of the children paralogues, Paralogue 22, and focuses on Eponine. It is unlocked by S ranking Zero (apparently will not appear on same sex marriage, however, but I have not verified this). It is on the Nohr and Touma paths only.

As usual, this is all done on my free time, and takes awhile. It can be a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : ) It certainly helps me keep going!

You can find data on the chapter itself here under “Paralogue 22” [P22] here.

An old man thanks Cyrus and his group for coming. He says that the truth is, he has something he wishes for them to do. He mentions that, recently, a group of thieves keep appearing in the areas around his estate. He tells them that the estate has a vast amount of treasures that are said to be among the most refined caliber in the Kingdom of Nohr. He figures that is probably why every night has been restless with the thieves. He pleads them to do something about it. Cyrus says he understands the situation, and says he will update him on the situation right away. He then introduces Zero as their expert on thievery who will be especially good at capturing the gang of thieves. Zero mentions that he will be able to tell them what the thieves are thinking based on personal experience. He says to leave it to him to come up with a plan to ward off their invasion, as the old man seems pleased and says to please go ahead and do so. Zero looks forward to seeing the faces of these mysterious bandits.

Later, Zero says he’s narrowed down where the thief gang will attack from. Cyrus tells him to be careful, but Zero reassures him it’ll be okay, and to leave it to him. He then notices something that grabs his attention, but is content, saying the trap worked, and they have been captured. He hears struggling, as Zero mocks them and their inability to escape. He then asks them to show their face –and it turns out to be Eponine, his daughter! In shock, he asks her what she’s doing here when she’s supposed to be in a secluded realm. Eponine answers that there isn’t much going for her in the secluded realm, and so she went to be a chivalrous thief in the outside world. Zero asks her what she means by “chivalrous thief,” as Eponine clarifies she steals bad people and gives to the less well off. She says this estate is owned by one who deals in dirty businesses, and so came here to take what she can. Zero scolds her, asking if she forgot what he said before about specifically not resorting to thievery. She says this is different than mere thievery, and that it is the right thing to do, so to please let her go. Zero says he won’t, because a thief is a thief. Eponine bites back, saying she’s not interested in hearing what the genuine thief of long ago (Zero) has to say on the matter. Zero scolds her for daring to talk to her father that way. She demands him to step aside, saying she is justified unlike her father had been. She threatens him, saying if he doesn’t move, she’ll use all her power to break through. Zero asks her what she’s doing, and to apologize right now. If she does so, he’ll think about letting her go. She says that’s a hateful thought…

After a cut, Eponine, who seems to have escaped Zero after all, starts yelling at the others to have fun taking all the gold within the estate, and that there’s no way they’ll be caught as they’re justified in what they’re doing. Zero tells Eponine to cut it out. She reasserts that she is justified, and would never be able to forgive herself if she sided with the owner of this estate. She says that Zero and his group are disgraceful for siding with him. The battle begins.

During the battle, when confronted, Eponine reasserts she will not be captured by them. When defeated, she regrets being unable to resist capture.

After the battle, Eponine demands to be let go. Zero says it is useless to struggle, saying that this time she will not escape. Eponine says if that is the case, then to kill her already. She then points out that Zero has never come to visit his daughter, or to even ask how she’s doing. She would rather die than be caught by a father like him who cares so little. So she asks to be killed. Zero tells her to stop saying things like that. Eponine says if he won’t do it, then she’ll just do it herself. He tells her to wait, saying if she were to do that, he would never forgive her. She pauses, as he tells her to understand that one’s own life is not to be taken so lightly. He then says not to have an expression like one who has been alone their entire life. He then asks her if she ever thought why he left her in that place (the secluded realm), and she admits she is not actually sure. He reveals that if it were up to him, he would be with his daughter more than not, protecting her as she grew. However, he was unable to, as he did not want her getting wrapped up in this war and killed as a result. He would be unable to go on living if it came to that. Eponine listens silently, as he continues, saying that he may not approve of her turning to a life of thievery, but that from now on, they will be together. She will no longer be confined to the secluded realm. Eponine says she understands, but that her conviction in being a chivalrous thief will not change. She cannot stand idly by as those who extort the poor for their own personal gain go on doing so. She mentions that within this gang of thieves, there were children that lost parents due to this corrupt process. She does not intend to apologize to those landlords she had stolen from before. However… she says she does apologize for saying those things to her father earlier. She did not really mean to say she would rather die than be taken by him, and that her father is truly very important to her. Zero is content on how they have come to an understanding, and that she can take some time to think on it.

Later, Zero apologizes to Cyrus and the others for the trouble. Cyrus tells him not to worry, and in fact, thanks to him, the injustices of the state’s owners were exposed. Cyrus says that Kamui was thankful for this and wished to express their thanks. Zero is surprised by this. On the side, Eponine comments the two are close. Very close. She feels the closeness of their two spirits, going on and fantasizing about it. She figures this may not be too bad after all. Zero asks her what’s wrong, and what she’s plotting. She reassures him it’s nothing to worry about, for the two to please go on talking without worrying about her. Zero goes back to talking to Cyrus, as she giggles, and states, in a deviant way, that it won’t be bad to go along with them at all –as there will be plenty of good things to come out of it indeed.


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