Fire Emblem Fates: All four amiibo event dialogue translations -First Encounters-

These are all the first encounter conversations. On my previous posts for amiibo dialogue translations (now updated), I was missing these. Youtuber Linkmastr was kind enough to upload them specifically for me, so here they are with the full dialogue!

You can read the events on their individual pages (with videos), or just see them all on this page. Marth’s here, Robin’s here, Lucina’s here, and Ike’s here.

This was all done on my free time, and so took a while. It was certainly a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : )

Enjoy! Feel free to email or comment with more requests related to FE in general.


I’m Marth.
Prince of Altea.

You’re the owner of this wonderful castle, right?
Nice to meet you.

Where did I come from?

I’m afraid I don’t remember…

During my travels, I heard
the voice of someone calling out to me…

When I came around,
I was in a place I’d never seen before.

I didn’t know right from left…
It was pretty difficult.

But everybody at this castle
helped me out with various things.

By the way, what’s your name?

That’s a nice name.

It has a curious* ring to it…

So, Kamui.

How do you think I should
express my appreciation to everyone in this castle?

It’s really no big deal…

<Presented with choice, both lead to same resulting dialogue afterward>

-FIRST CHOICE: Something with a Noble Aura <Marth’s Tiara>
-SECOND CHOICE: Something with a Holy Aura <Dragon God Ornament>

Thanks, Kamui.
The time I spent here was really fun!

Well, I better get back
to continuing my travels.

Let’s meet again, Kamui.

We will be able to meet again…
I can feel it.

*-The word he used “懐しい” can mean curious, but also “nostalgic.” Nostalgic would refer to how there was an Avatar character in FE12 (unreleased in the West).


Ah… good day.
I am named Lucina.

Are you the Lord of this castle?
It is an incredibly wonderful place.

Everybody here is so kind,
and helped out a lost child such as myself.

Hmm? Ah… yes.
I am… a lost child.

I got lost when traveling a lonely road…
and before I knew it I awoke in this place.

Though, as I am used to going to places I know nothing about,
I did not think much of it.

And, after speaking with you
My uneasiness has gone away.

Ah, if I may ask…
What is your name?

Sir/Madame Kamui…?
What a wonderful name.

For some reason,
you have a warm and nostalgic* air around you.

Sir/Madame Kamui, please accept
this gift as a show of my appreciation.

Something both wonderful and
stylishly cute…!

<Presented with choice, both lead to same resulting dialogue afterward>

-FIRST CHOICE: Something stylishly cute <Bear Hair Pins>
-SECOND CHOICE: Something more average <Butterfly Mask>

You helped me out, Sir/Madame Kamui.
I am very glad to have met you.

If you feel up to it, please call out to me again.

For you, I will ride to your aid
no matter where I am.

So, let us meet again.

*-The word she used “懐しい” can mean nostalgic, but also “curious/admirable.” Unlike Marth’s context, using warm impled more the “nostalgia” rather than the others. Likely a commentary on Robin playing a similar role as an avatar.



…ah! Where am I…?
What the heck happened to me…?

Are you the one who woke me?

Huh? Who am I?

My name is…

That’s right, Robin.
That’s my name.

Before coming here, I feel as though
I was fighting alongside some warriors…

Did we blow them away?
Or were we blown away?

I can’t remember.

Actually, this is the second time I’ve been found lying unconscious.
Pretty pathetic for an army tactician.

Hey, speaking of which…what’s your name?

Oh…? You’re called Kamui, huh?
I won’t forget it, no matter what.

I want to show my thanks to you Kamui
for saving me.

One is my favorite and most convenient thing
for when formulating a plan.

I don’t recognize this item…

Which one do you want?

<Presented with choice, both lead to same resulting dialogue afterward>

-FIRST CHOICE: His favorite thing <Robin’s Bookshelfs>
-SECOND CHOICE: The thing he doesn’t recognize <Wicked Dragon’s Wings>

Thanks, Kamui.
I’m glad to have met you.

For some reason,
I feel like this isn’t the first time we’ve met.

I feel that
you and me have a very similar existence…

Anyway, I should get going.
I want to travel around this world a little.

Study various things,
and make the most of it by learning new strategies from combat.

*-Similar existence likely because both players (Robin and Kamui) are Avatars of their games.


I’m Ike.
Leader of a band of mercenaries.

You’re the boss of this castle, huh?
Hmph… you look pretty capable.

…no need for alarm.
I haven’t come to take over this castle or anything.

During my travels, I was suddenly engulfed by a light…
And somehow ended up here.

Why I’m here?
I have no clue.

Oh yeah. What’s your name?

…Kamui, huh?
Good name.

Your friends at this castle
taught me some things.

There were people bring me food,
bothering to be hospitable with this guy who came out of nowhere.

It was a big help.
This is a sign of my thanks.

<Presented with choice, both lead to same resulting dialogue afterward>

-FIRST CHOICE: Something strong <Ike’s Shoulder Pads>
-SECOND CHOICE: Something beautiful <Medallion of Blue Flame>

I appreciate it, Kamui.
I’m glad I came to this castle.

I’ll be traveling around a bit
from now on.

After all that trouble it took to come here,
I may as well look around this new world.

If fate so wishes –then let’s meet again.


Note there is no difference in the videos beyond the items received, but I posted them both anyway out of appreciation for Linkmastr providing them.

<First Choice>

<Second Choice>


10 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Fates: All four amiibo event dialogue translations -First Encounters-

  1. I’m awfully torn between the bear hairpins and the butterfly mask…
    Also, you did Robin twice, once before Ike and once after him.

    Anyway, thanks once more. I just hope my brother checks out this import site so that I can finally get a Japanese 3DS. My mom doesn’t really trust it because I’d have to pay right away to finish ordering, even though some people recommended it.

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