Project X Zone 2: Lucina Character Profile Translation

Chrom and Lucina were announced at TGS for Project X Zone 2 earlier today, so I decided to fully translate Lucina’s profile as seen on the website.

I did a full screen shot edit this time as a handy guide around the site! I included her dialogue translation on a customized image, too. I attached her full high res official artwork, too. Lastly, the transcript can be seen below, too.

As usual, this was all done on my free time, and took awhile. It was a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you liked the work I did. : ) It certainly helps me keep going for future projects!


LucinaProfile2PicT LucinaProfile3PicT LucinaProfile4PicT

The voice dialogue I attached to picture 2, but that’s not actually what picture 2 says:


Finally, the raw text and official artwork:


[Fire Emblem Awakening]

Voice:  Yuu Kobayashi

The warrior who comes from the future and utilizes another Falchion

Chrom’s daughter who came from the Fell Dragon Grima’s future of despair in order to change history. She devotes herself to polishing her swordplay, and is incredibly serious. However, her softer, true self can be seen when she talks to her father who she loves deeply.

I will change fate!
With these hands… watch me change it!

Picture 1:

Event Scene (1)
Chrom and Lucina meet Yuri and co. who appeared at the Divine Dragon’s Grounds. They cooperate to seek the “Pedestal of Flames” that was stolen from them.

Dialogue: “Pleased to meet you. We will definitely get the Pedestal of Flames back!”

Picture 2:
Chrom and Lucina’s (Standard Attack): Sword Combo + Levin Sword

Picture 3:
Chrom and Lucina’s (Special Attack) Fire Emblem – Awakening (1)

Picture 4:
Chrom and Lucina’s (Special Attack) Fire Emblem – Awakening (2)

Voice 1: “Watch me change fate [to prevent] the future of despair!”
Voice 2: “I will defeat you for the sake of the future…father…mother…”
Voice 3: “Things like strange fashion sense and odd sense of humor have nothing to do with it…!”

Click the buttons to hear voice samples.


9 thoughts on “Project X Zone 2: Lucina Character Profile Translation

  1. If you intend to do any others after translating Chrom’s profile, do Fiora’s profile first. Fiora’s from Xenoblade Chronicles, which is a Nintendo game, too.

  2. I really like what we’ve seen of Lucina’s (and Chrom’s) moveset so far. So many shoutouts to Fire Emblem: Awakening. Heck, in battle she can reclass into a Bride and use Levin Swords! Now that’s just awesome right there!

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