Zelda – Skyward Sword: Groose’s Name Origin

I was really busy today, but came across a brief article on NintendoEverything which discusses very interesting localization trivia being Groose’s name from Skyward Sword! So I summarize the points below.

In Japanese, his name is Bado バド which is straightforwardly “Bird” in English and fits the Skyward Sword theme of the sky/birds (but can also be “bad”). So, former Nintendo Treehouse member Mike Drucker did the following:

During a naming meeting, Drucker was told that Groose was a jock and sort of a jerk. Nintendo was also trying to stick with a bird theme with Skyward Sword. With that information, he went from “Bruce” to “Goose” to “Groose”.

That’s as straightforward as fans predicted, but still nice to know!

Read the full article (and hear the podcast featuring Mike Drucker) here at NintendoEverything.