FE Fates: 4Koma Comic & Character Guidebook (Page 38-39) Translation – Kazahana

The latest of my scan/clean/translate of Fire Emblem Fates: 4Koma & Character Guidebook (ファイアーエムブレムif 4コマ・キャラクターガイドブック).

 I do not post the raw scans here, but you may email if you want them to compare translations! I do at least one page per day.

The compilation post is here!

All scanning, editing, translating, and uploading is done on my free time and is rather time consuming. It is certainly a lot of work, and I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. Any amount (no matter how small) is much appreciated and helps me keep going on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy the end results of my work!

Here are today’s pages! (Page 38-39) They feature Kazahana

 38 39


4 thoughts on “FE Fates: 4Koma Comic & Character Guidebook (Page 38-39) Translation – Kazahana

  1. …I had no idea this character existed until I read the character book : ( I don’t mean to be mean, Kazahana! Please forgive me : (
    I just can’t believe I’ve never really heard anything about her, I only heard stuff about Leo and Takumi before I played the game! (And seems like the yaoi fan girls are going crazy over those two, you couldn’t even avoid it if you try to look for one of them! ; ( )

    • Oh really? xD Even when you played the game?

      I can imagine there’s a ton of Leo x Takumi floating around! But I’ve run across some nice ones of them on their own too. You’ll just have to bear through whatever gets thrown at you to find them. xD

      • Well yeah, I’ve seen nice ones of them! I can see why people ship them…
        And I’m doing conquest right now so I guess that’s why I’ve never really seen her, or maybe remember her I guess. (And I never really minded about spoilers so I usually read a lot of spoilers before I get to that point of the game)

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