Valkyria: Azure Revolution Famitsu Info Translations 11/18 (1)

I decided to translate information from Famitsu’s feature on the newly announced Valkyria: Azure Revolution. The game is the latest in the Valkyria series of games. There is information about a PS4 remaster of the first game (originally on PS3), as well as an interview that I hope to translate and cover later.

Due to time constraints, I did not apply them to the original scans, but I still provide the scans themselves below!

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General Overview:

A new RPG bearing the name “Valkyria” has been announced: Valkyria: Azure Revolution. The game’s charm will come from battles between a vast amount of opponents and allies, with the theme of the story focusing on “death.” In this first volume [of more to come], we cover some basic game mechanics and introduce the new Valkyria as well as other characters. We also bring you a special interview with developers on page 15!


The Valkyria – Brunhilde

An immortal Valkyria referred to as the “Goddess of Death.” Together with the Rutz Empire (which consists of many colonies in the north), she stands in the way of the protagonists of the game.

Page 13

The Protagonist – Amleth

The protagonist of this game. Commander of the elite “Anti-Valkyria Corps” in the small Kingdom of Jutland. He marches toward the battle field with a deep grudge toward the Empire.

[Note: アムレート is a potential pun for the word “armlet” (that his design seems to feature…)]

The Heroine – Ophelia

Princess of the Kingdom of Jutland, which is under an embargo by the Rutz Empire. She utilizes the forbidden arts of “Cursed Singing” in order to take down the Imperial Army. She personally fights on the battlefield.



With the discovery of the blue mineral Ragnite, an “Azure Revolution” saw to the rapid industrial and technological advancement and expansion of the Rutz Empire. Within that Empire is the small Kingdom of Jutland –impoverished due to an economic embargo put on them by the Empire. The small Kingdom now fights the Imperial Army in order to “break free from colonial rule.” As a result, the war known as the “Miraculous Revolutionary War” had begun.


Keyword: GOUACHE

This game’s “shader” (graphic engine) is called “GOUACHE.” Using proper coloring and shading techniques leads to the game resembling that of a painting come to life.

Keyword: “LeGION”

The real-time battle system is called the “LeGION Battle System.” This new battle system allows for large armies to appear in the engagements.

That covers Page 12 and 13. 14 features info on the PS4 remaster, and 15 and 16 cover the interview. See the raw scans of 12 and 13 below!

VC41 VC42


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