Lucina 25th Anniversary Artwork (Original, Cleaned, and Colored)


Today is not exactly a translation, but it does have to do with the Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary book. The book features five special illustrations that have Marth, Sigurd, Eliwood, Ike, and Lucina, each drawn by the same character artists in charge of their respective games.

So, today, I provide Yusuke Kozaki’s contribution: Lucina. I also went out of my way to isolate it for people who want just the artwork, and then went ahead and colored Lucina myself! (You may see it uploaded on a friend’s DeviantArt account , no, they did not steal that, we collaborate a lot).

As you can imagine, the process of doing this all took a lot of time, so if you like what I did, then…

Please donate!

Enjoy! I hope to upload the others when I have time…

Note: Higher quality (PNG) files available by request. I used the messier JPEG for the original for space issues.

Please link back here in some fashion if you re-post or share the picture if possible! Thanks!



Cleaned/Pure Lineart:


Colored by me!:


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