Sakurai Interview (Part 2): Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary


There was a lengthy (eight page) interview with Masahiro Sakurai near the end of the Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary Book. In it, Sakurai’s history with the Fire Emblem franchise is explored.

I provided the scans to my friends at SourceGaming, who translated the first part of the interview before. And now, they translated the second part of the interview in full. Sakurai details his opinions on the games of the franchise, such as Genealogy of the Holy War among others! There are some Fire Emblem Fates spoilers, so please be careful. Thankfully, SourceGaming has marked the spoilers so they can be avoided.

Please go over and read it!

As you can imagine, the process of doing all this (scanning, editing, translating in some cases, etc) took a lot of time, and I am unemployed…so if you like what I did, then…

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