Kantopia 2015 – Year in Review

Another short post quickly looking back on 2015. It was the 25th Anniversary for the Fire Emblem series, and it seems my portfolio/this blog kept true to that. Looking back, three major projects were completed this year. All three of them are Fire Emblem related, too!

January to April: Fire Emblem Awakening: Yonkoma Kings was the primary focus and completed!
May – August: Fire Emblem Fates pre-release information (via Famitsu), and then a complete guide (which includes a translated character guide, menu guide, chapter guide, story summary… and pretty much all things Fates!)
September – December: Fire Emblem Fates: 4Koma & Character Book started in September and ended right at the end in December.

That marks three major projects completed in one year, an accomplishment that I am quite proud of. According to the WordPress report, I posted something everyday with the average of 2 pictures uploaded per day, for a total of 907 new pictures! You can read the details here if curious. Considering this site is for personal use, I am quite humbled that so many people took interest as viewership has increased quite a bit.

I do not get paid per view or anything, though, as this is just a free blog. If you feel like supporting me in some fashion, I’m always happy to accept donations! It’s actually thanks to these donations that I was able to import some of the above books with ease and get to translating them for you myself and you all : )

Between all of these were various comparison posts between Japanese games and their localized counterparts in English, akin to how Legends of Localization goes about doing things. They were quite enjoyable and gave a greater understanding of how things work when it comes to the process. There was also plenty of Famitsu translations, a Splatoon manga, and a few things from the 25th Anniversary Book for Fire Emblem.

All in all a good year. Some future projects for this year may include Fire Emblem: Akaneia Chronicles character profiles. I hope to do more comparisons, and focus more on other things such as Pokemon, too!

I’m continuing to look for translation work, primarily in Nintendo of America or the Pokemon Company, so if you know anyone who can put me in touch with someone who can give me more information on the matter, please let me know. : )


4 thoughts on “Kantopia 2015 – Year in Review

  1. Congratulations for your success this year. I just discovered this site, i like that people put interest and time letting us to understand things that only happen in japan. You may want to visit shmuplations.com which does a similar work to you.

    I have one question, do you make english->japanese translations too? (If you were paid for that)

    • Oh, that’s awesome! Just checked out the site, I think I’ll have a nice time looking around there. Thank you very much for the link. : ) And thank you for the praise.

      I haven’t gotten too much experience in doing English to Japanese outside of lessons, but should be able to do so/am willing to try it out. : )

    • I was thinking about it. I’m very surprised it hasn’t been done already though… I own the book but have not got to scanning it though. It would be a huge help if there are already raw scans available online. Do you know if there are? : )

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