SSB4 – Why Corrin over Aqua [via SourceGaming]

Today I’m posting (another) awareness post! SourceGaming wrote a nice article as to why Corrin (Kamui) may have made it into Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS over Azura (Aqua), the heroine of the game.

Some brief background, points, and counter-points are included among other things. A nice read, so:

Please read the full thing here!

Note: This does not necessarily represent my views on the matter. : )


2 thoughts on “SSB4 – Why Corrin over Aqua [via SourceGaming]

  1. Great article! Personally, I prefer Corrin over Azura. Not that it matters since I don’t even have Smash 4.

    Btw, the articles says there are two songstresses. Who’s the second and doesn’t having another one kinda break the game?

    • Indeed, I noticed that too. I meant to leave a comment on their page about that… since I wasn’t sure where the second came from. As far as I know Aqua/Azura is the only one.

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