Pokémon Move: Thunderbolt VS Jyuumanboruto – 100,000 Volts or Bolts?

Time for some more Pokémon move trivia! Today’s post is was a request to compare the Pokémon move name: “thunderbolt.” Many have written on the subject already, I’m sure, but I was requested to add my own post about it.

In Japanese, the move is called 10まんボルト (jyuumanboruto). It literally means “100,000 Volts.” However, it can also be read as “100,000 bolts.” So the question from the reader was whether or not it’s “volt” or “bolt”? It sort of makes sense both ways, getting hit with a 100,000 volt attack, or getting hit by 100,000 individual bolts, well, that’s going to hurt!

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