Fire Emblem Fates: Luna to Selena (Names Comparison)

Today is a very brief post on a Fire Emblem Fates localization development. The game has been sent out for review copies I assume, and many streams and the like are popping up online. According to serenesforest, Luna has been named Selena.

I talked about how Syalla had been changed to Rhajat, and Matoi to Caeldori… so now let’s take a look at this one. A lot of this post may reflect the same things from the last post, mostly for people who had not read the other post. Excuse the redundancies that may come about as a result.

Note: Spoilers for some things from the game may follow. Though, nothing about the main plot beyond very indirect references will be spoiled, but just in case, please proceed with caution. There is one paragraph I made in black text with spoiler warnings to help people avoid it at the end of the post.

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