Fire Emblem Fates: Ike amiibo Event Dialogue Comparison (JPN vs ENG)


Back in August I translated Ike’s amiibo event in full. A few days ago, GameExplain released a video of all four “first encounter” dialogues in the English version of the game. I took a look at Lucina’s dialogue, and surprisingly, things changed! Then I looked at Robin’s, not as many differences, but a few.

So I decided to look into Ike today (and hopefully Marth tomorrow)to see if things changed in those.

This is by no means a “they changed everything so don’t buy this game” post! This is just to show how things can sometimes change through localization and is a way to satiate curiosity.

Note, this is just the first encounter for now. If I find videos, or when the game comes out, I will be able to compare second encounters as well. I will update this post to reflect those.

This was all done on my free time, and so took a while. It was certainly a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : )

Enjoy! Feel free to email or comment with more requests related to FE in general.

I compare the NoA dialogue (left) to my translation from a few months ago (right). I edited the translation slightly to make it sound less awkward in one or two places, but it is the mostly the same as last time. Note the differences as you read, and look at the commentary afterward!

Nintendo of America Localization More Literal Translation
I’m Ike. Heard of me? I’m with the
the* Greil Mercenaries.You’re the lord of this castle? Hmph…
You look fairly strong.

Oh, take your hand off your weapon.
I’m not here to fight you.

I was on a journey when I was struck
by a burst of light.

Next thing I knew, I was here. No idea what snatched me away, though.

Say, what’s your name?

Corrin, is it? A fine name.

I’ve spoken to a few of your friends –they have told me a bit of this place.

One offered to feed me. I guess kind
people exist everywhere.

I would like to show my thanks, if
you’ll accept a gift…

Which gift do you want?
Sturdy armor
Flashy armor

Thank you for the hospitality, Corrin. Been a pleasure to meet you.

I’m leaving to explore this world of
yours. Seems interesting.

I suspect we will meet again…somehow.
So, until then, good-bye.

I’m Ike.
Leader of a band of mercenaries.You’re the boss of this castle, huh?
Hmph… you look pretty capable.

…no need for alarm.
I haven’t come to take over this castle or anything.

During my travels, I was suddenly engulfed by a light…
And somehow ended up here.

Why I’m here?
I have no clue.

Oh yeah. What’s your name?

…Kamui, huh?
Good name.

Your friends at this castle
taught me some things.

There were people who brought me food,
bothering to be hospitable with this guy who came out of nowhere.

It was a big help.
This is a sign of my thanks.

What do you want?
Something strong
Something beautiful

I appreciate it, Kamui.
I’m glad I came to this castle.

I’ll be traveling around a bit
from now on.

After all that trouble it took to come here,
I may as well look around this new world.

If fate so wishes –then let’s meet again.

Note: The part in bold is not a transcription mistake. It really seems to be an error in the localized script (see below). It is an easy mistake to make as the brain loves to eliminate the double the when there is a line break between them.


For the full translation information, check out the translation page itself. Of course there are some minor differences due to some tweaks I made to it to flow slightly better.

There are very, very minor differences in this one, as you can see! So, I post mostly for consistency to the others (and to point out the error above).

So, first difference is that in Japanese, Ike did not directly name the (the) Greil Mercenaries. I like how he does in English though, as it is an easy enough nod back to the games, but that’s besides the point here. He doesn’t ask if the player has heard of them either… I feel it may be because he is the most obscure of the four amiibo characters for the general FE fan these days as partially the reason for this.

Next, saying “fairly strong” versus “pretty capable.” Capable has the implication of beyond physical strength (which…Kamui does not really seem to have compared to Ike if just going by appearance alone). Capable does imply the power in strategy and charisma, which Kamui does have, however, so I thought it was a better word to choose. Major nitpick, of course, but that’s what this post is all about! Of course, “strong” can imply strength in those fields too, but the connotation is often physical, I think.

Next, in English, Ike says he is not “here to fight you.” In Japanese, it was beyond fighting Kamui, and rather to take over the castle itself. I found that rather amusing. It does imply, however, that Ike is more of a duelist rather than an actual general/leader though, which is what he is meant to be in his own game. Minor difference in character that goes a long way.

He mentions a journey and being taken by a light in both versions, ending up here. However, in English, he wonders what snatched him away, and in Japanese, he wonders for what purpose (regarding why he is here, rather than what took him away).

Next comes the part about feeding. In Japanese he mentions being “taught” something and he is referring to the fact people can be hospitable even to a total stranger. I do like how the localization made this more obvious rather than indirect (by saying “One offered to feed me. I guess kind people exist everywhere.”). But, it seems like he just sort of thought about it in passing rather than appreciating the lesson. In Japanese, that is why he follows up with “it was a big help.” Referring to both the food, and the lesson learned.

Then, when showing appreciation, in English he is glad to have met Kamui, but in Japanese is glad he came to the castle in general. Again, it seems to be a focus on the individual (English) and overall place/everyone (Japanese). I suppose you can pin that down to cultural differences (group vs the individual), but in Ike’s case, it says a lot about his character in both versions, portrayed slightly differently.

English doesn’t have any reference to the line of Ike deciding to travel around out of opportunity (“after all that trouble it took to come here”). In English, he simply says it seems interesting, but no other reference to this.

Lastly, in English he brings it down to a guaranteed second meeting, where as in Japanese he leaves it to fate (and the player) as to whether they encounter each other again or not.

So, in general, his intentions are slightly different. In English, he is more focused on Corrin himself (Saying not here to fight [them]), praising Corrin for his hospitality rather than the overall castle and their inhabitants, etc. In Japanese he focuses more on the macro scale (the castle and the people there). Other small differences basically portray his character slightly differently, such as commenting on strength and the one-on-one implication as opposed to the bigger picture, I suppose you could say.

Tomorrow, I hope to look into Marth’s dialogue to finish off these amiibo comparisons. Of course, there are second conversations and battle maps themselves to look into, which may get their own posts in the future.


The game isn’t even out yet and I’m already getting comparisons started thanks to all these pre-release videos…Marth is the last one left to look at! Lucina’s was fairly different, Robin’s seemed a bit more spot on but with a few changes, and so far Ike’s is the most similar though with some very minor changes (and mistake with “the the”).

If anyone finds videos of the “second” dialogue (as above is only the first encounter) please let me know, and if not, I will get there myself when the English version releases…eventually.

Please pass this post on to anyone else who may be interested to see changes between Fates and If!

For the GameExplain first encounters (English), go here.

For LinkMstr’s video of first encounters (Japanese), go here.



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