Fire Emblem Fates: Marth amiibo Event Dialogue Comparison (JPN vs ENG)


Back in August I translated Marth’s amiibo event in full. A few days ago, GameExplain released a video of all four “first encounter” dialogues in the English version of the game. I took a look at Lucina’s dialogue, and surprisingly, things changed! Then I looked at Robin’s, not as many differences, but a few. Yesterday, I looked at Ike, who only had a few small changes (and an error).

So! Today is the last of the four, being Marth. He changed quite a bit, from informal to formal among other things!

This is by no means a “they changed everything so don’t buy this game” post! This is just to show how things can sometimes change through localization and is a way to satiate curiosity.

Note, this is just the first encounter for now. If I find videos, or when the game comes out, I will be able to compare second encounters as well. I will update this post to reflect those.

Enjoy! Feel free to email or comment with more requests related to FE in general.

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