Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance – Ike’s Original Profile Page/History Translated


Taking a break from Fire Emblem Fates today! Instead, the Making of Fire Emblem: 25 Years of Development Secrets book features original profiles of characters from Path of Radiance. There are a lot of interesting things to look at for fans of the Tellius saga, familiar names but very different story.

You can find much more from this book on the compilation post here.

As you can imagine, the process of doing all this (scanning, editing, translating in some cases, etc) took a lot of time, and I am unemployed… so if you like what I did, then…

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This translation comes from a document on page 335 of the book. It required a magnifying glass to read, but was readable! I provide the original Japanese transcript below my analysis at the end of the post.


Gender: Male

Origin: Empire of Babylonia, Principality of Persis

Position: Plays a pivotal role in the formation of a group of vassals left behind by his father, eventually becoming the captain of the group (the male protagonist)

Class: Lord

Specialty: Swords

Personal History:

  • 0 Years: Born to a knight family that serves Duke Persis, who is part of the Babylonia Empire
  • 2 Years: Younger sister Mist is born. Afterward, the two had an ideal upbringing filled with love from all around them.
  • 12 Years: Suddenly, his father is charged with treason, and their castle was invaded. His father is killed in action, and his mother is unaccounted for. His father’s subordinates, Tiamat and the others, escape the castle.
  • 14 Years: Tiamat and the other survivors form a mercenary group. She and the others teach Ike the basics in warfare in order to polish his skills.
  • 17 Years: Engages in his first battle.

Family Structure:

  • Father (not yet named): A Knight who serves Duke Persis in the Empire of Babylonia. 5 years ago, he was charged with treason and executed by Duke Persis.
  • Mother (not yet named): An adopted daughter of Duke Persis who married Ike’s father. She has been missing since the incident 5 years ago.
  • Mist (Younger Sister) [Tentative]: Just a year younger than Ike, and is part of the mercenary group with him. The female protagonist. Appears in events alongside the protagonist Ike.

Personality: Enjoys solitude. Quiet. Is hot-blooded at his core. Reckless.

Hobbies: Enjoys viewing scenery from high places while alone. Trains in swordplay.

Motivation/Goal: Searches for the truth behind his father’s execution and destruction of his family. Works tirelessly in order to restore his family’s honor. He and his sister work together to improve their mercenary group’s reputation.


  • So there are some very fun things in here! Let’s take a look:
  • Empire of Babylonia seems to be what eventually becomes Begnion, as evident by the Principality of Persis. Begnion was made up of several of these principalities that had dukes in each.
  • Ike is stated to be a Lord, but he was eventually made a “Ranger” and then “Hero” upon upgrading.
  • His personal history is rather different. A knight family that serves Duke Persis, and his father killed for treason and mother gone missing. This is very different from how his mother died at a young age and father when he had already come of age. Tiamat (Titania’s Japanese name, which remained the same) had a rather larger role too, teaching Ike rather than his father.
  • Greil did not have a name, but seemed to have a similar role as a knight of some form of nobility. But the rest seems to be different, such as the circumstances of his death. The mercenary fort does get invaded in a similar fashion, but he does not die there.
  • Elena did not have a name either, and may still be alive in this version of the game, rather than dying when the two were young. More importantly, she was the adopted daughter of Duke Persis here, which is a significant difference.
  • Mist kept her development name it seems. A note on “just a year younger,” 0 years old is not considered being 1 year old, so being born 2 years later makes for a one year difference on these profiles (in Japanese ones).
  • His personality is a little different. He does have the hot-headed and reckless nature, but the quiet and loner tendencies seem to have changed. Perhaps given to Soren? UPDATE: I saw Reddit user clicky_pen’s thoughts on the loner tendencies, and admit it has been a little while since I played the game (and so, unfortunately have the Smash Bros and Fates version in my head. xD) and agree, that when I think more about Path of Radiance especially, those tendencies do stick out. Perhaps loner has more negative connotations, as the word can also be translated as “solitude” (so, one who seeks solitude, which has an implication of being content with it, rather than shunned and forced into it). I fixed it up for you. : ) Thanks for the (indirect) feedback!
  • The hobbies are very interesting. Specifying viewing things from high places while alone says a lot about his personality. I wonder if Mist and Ike standing at their father’s grave overlooking the woods in the final game was inspired by this?
  • The motivations here are somewhat similar, though rather than finding the truth, he seeks to find his father’s murderer. In the original, it seems he is more concerned about family honor and the reasoning behind the execution. Improving the group’s reputation may imply they were ridiculed in some fashion, or generally have a bad reputation, perhaps due to having a “traitor” as a father.

These are just a few observations based on the above. I would love to hear what other Tellius fans can make of the above! Please feel free to sound off in the comments below.

There are other profiles that I hope to look into slowly, but surely. Please spread the word to anybody who maybe interested.

Lastly, for reference, below is the original Japanese transcript:


















家族構成:父○○○            ペルシス公付のバビロニア帝国騎士。


母×××            ペルシス公の養女として父に嫁ぐ。




性格     :孤独癖あり。無口。基本的に熱血。無鉄砲。








10 thoughts on “Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance – Ike’s Original Profile Page/History Translated

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  6. This is very interesting! I noticed a few similarities to the Jugdral games:
    -Greil is accused of treason and (wrongly?) executed, similar to Sigurd and Eldigan. Notably, they’re also fathers.
    -Titania’s role is akin to Shanan and Finn’s role, giving Ike another parallel with Seliph.
    -Elena goes MIA like some of the other mothers after the Battle of Belhalla. Also, Oscar/Boyd/Rolf’s mother is MIA in the final version, so maybe that aspect was carried over to their mother?
    -The reputation goal may be a nod back to FE4, where Sigurd and his allies were branded as traitors for years.

    Some other notes:
    -Mist seems to be holder. I don’t know how old she is in the final version, but she’s definitely not 15.
    -There’s no mention of Gallia, or even laguz in general. It’s interesting, considering that the beorc VS laguz conflict is one of the main issues in the story.

    Thanks for the translation!

    • You’re welcome! And thank you for the wonderful comment. I am (regrettably) most unfamiliar with the Jugdral games (I played FE4 a long time ago and never got to finish it, but know the story and love the sound of it), so I really appreciate drawing the connections there.

      -Indeed, it seems likely wrongly executed. There was probably some darker motivation behind his execution, I would guess.
      -Ah, that is a great point about the parallel with the three brothers’ mother. Didn’t even think about that!
      -I got the feeling they probably upped the ages by two years in the English one, so Ike would be 19, and Mist 17. I’m not too sure myself though, I’d have to find some references to their past in the final products. Or maybe she is 15, and…just Japanese stuff being Japanese. xD
      -Yes, such a big thing is indeed missing, it seems to just revolve around this group in a generally human conflict. Then again, the first few chapters of the final game didn’t really talk much about the Laguz either, and was mostly a struggle for the mercenaries themselves. So it’s hard to tell with the info we’re given… but it still discounts mentioning them being in Gallia’s care, regardless.

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