Happy Valentine’s Day! (2016) Japanese Culture Trivia + Misc Thoughts

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Taking a break from posting a translation today, with the shallow excuse of Valentine’s Day… either way a little busier today so here’s a post that isn’t really about anything in particular.

Did you know that in Japan, only girls give boys chocolate on Valentine’s Day rather than both giving to each other? There are many different types of chocolate, from “obligatory chocolate” [義理チョコ] (such as to a boss, colleague, etc), and “genuine chocolate” [本命チョコ] (given to those specifically intended, be they close friends, lovers, etc). A month later, on March 14th, the boys then have to pay them back, on a day known as “White Day.” The best part? They are expected to give back something that is “three times as valuable” [三倍返し] (as the usual saying goes, it does not literally have to be, but basically means not a simple mirror gift return). Now isn’t that just fun? Look up White Day on the net, you’ll run into some fun stuff on the matter!

That fulfills the relevant culture criteria. Next, I decided to draw a picture that is tangentially related. Here is a picture of a (Ruby) Rose!

Using single pixel brushes is fun!

FYI, I’m not really that big of a fan of the show. In fact, it is rather unbearable in some ways, but this character and design is fun to draw regardless. I do wonder, though, since the show does have a Japanese dub, how it compares…and how some jokes are carried over from English to Japanese. Maybe something to look into another day… you don’t often hear of localization going the other way!


I can’t believe it’s already been a year since Majora’s Mask 3DS came out in the US! (Along with the New 3DS and Monster Hunter, though I got neither of those). Majora’s Mask was and still is my favorite title in the Zelda series… but time sure flies by!

While this blog is still a portfolio first and foremost, it does warm me to see my random translations here and there serve some purpose of satiating curiosity beyond my own, and I really appreciate every comment and discussion that arises from them. So thanks everyone! I love you all, and would send chocolate and such if I wasn’t so poor. xD I guess it’s the thought that counts.

With Fire Emblem Fates next week, I think I’ll have a lot of comparison posts to look forward to, but I may also update my Fates guide to see if that comes in handy for anyone. I was glad to be able to help with those who imported it and didn’t know Japanese.

Lastly, I still welcome any trivia requests to look into (such as to compare dialogue from such and such game in English versus its original Japanese), so please feel free to request away!


4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day! (2016) Japanese Culture Trivia + Misc Thoughts

  1. I’m not really a fan of Rwby either but I like some of the designs (a scythe that transforms into a sniper rifle? Sure!). You can watch the official JP dub here:

    • Hey thanks! That’s very useful, I bookmarked it for later and look forward to seeing what differences may be there. I’m glad there’s someone out there who thinks like me about it too. xD

  2. Wow! Never knew about “White Day”. Those lucky girls!

    I personally haven’t played much of Zelda. I’ve only played Minish Cap and the Twilight Princess (and if you count Hyrule Warriors) recently but I must have played Majora’s Mask when I was a really small kid. Otherwise, why would the Moon and The Creepy Mask Dude’s laugh appear in my nightmares before I even knew about Zelda *shudders*

    • Glad I could teach you about it then! It is an interesting bit that not ma y outside of Japan know about xD

      You must have played it at some point with those sorts of dreams! I recommend it if you like the 3D Zelda games in general : )

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