Fire Emblem Fates: Guide Updates/Plans

Today’s post is a brief update regarding all the Fire Emblem Fates material on this site.

First, Aqua/Azura’s song, “Lost in Thoughts All Alone” has been updated with its full lyrics. With this, I can finally compare it with the Japanese lyrics just to see the changes as I have done before with things like Ashley’s Theme in WarioWare.

Next, I will finally get around to doing a Fire Emblem Fates (well, technically if) review before the game’s release to give some final thoughts on the original version. Note that this will be written in a way that will make clear opinions, and that I still welcome discussion and will not berate anyone for disagreeing and such. I like to remain that reliably neutral source. xD A review may seem counter intuitive in that sense but it is mostly for those who were curious about my (personal) thoughts on the game. I hope to have this up soon.

There is a ton of stuff on Fire Emblem Fates‘s development inside the Making of Fire Emblem: 25 Years of Development Secrets that I hope to cover eventually, but will be focusing on finishing the Path of Radiance section first!

Lastly, I will slowly have to go through the Chapter Guide and Character Guide to update the names (as well as provide comparisons) with the officially localized . I’m keeping an eye on serenesforest’s name chart and such, and will likely rely on plenty other materials there to get this going, though will likely be a long term process, as I will be playing through the game itself, too!

If you have any other ideas for Fire Emblem Fates related content to cover, or specific things you may want compared when playing through the game yourself, please let me know, as I will have access to all paths (with the Special Edition), as well as all three paths in Japanese, so ideal way to compare them. : )