Fates released! + Fire Emblem If 4Koma Kings Announced for Feb. 25th

Fire Emblem Fates released today in North America. I do hope they make an announcement for my friends in Europe soon… I am compiling things to compare over on serenesforest.net, and will soon start posting them rather regularly.

In other news, the game is also receiving a 4Koma book in Japan, titled: Fire Emblem If 4Koma Kings Sound familiar? That’s because there was a Fire Emblem Awakening 4Koma Kings that I translated in its entirety. It releases on February 25th, just a few days away!

This will differ slightly from the Fire Emblem if 4Koma Character Book as it will likely focus on random situations rather than per character.

I have already pre-ordered the book with the intention to translate the entire thing. This will make my third 4Koma project, so I do hope you look forward to it!

I do all the scanning/editing/translation by myself, and for free. But I do appreciate any and all donations people make to help keep the project going! If you’re feeling up to donating, and this link doesn’t work, then please click the button right over there on the right side of the page! : )



12 thoughts on “Fates released! + Fire Emblem If 4Koma Kings Announced for Feb. 25th

  1. Well, you’re always quite busy with translating, huh? Heh, by the time you’re done translating this, the next “Fire Emblem” will be announced! Anyways, I hope that this translation will be good as usual.
    I also got “Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright” as well! I went with Hoshido/Byakuya if you want to know. And I think I just figured out the reason why they named Kamui/Corrin’s mother Mikoto. In Japanese myth, Mikoto was the goddess that gave birth to Izanagi and Izanami in the first place, which is pretty meaningful considering who Kamui/Corrin is.
    So far, “Fates” is as addictive as “Awakening”. Well, time to waste another 9,000,000,000 hours in my life.

    • Haha yep! That’s usually how it goes. If I do one page a day, and its 200ish pages…then yeah, 200 days. xD Sometimes I finish more than that in one day though, but it’s pretty signifcant. Hopefully I still get to do comparison pages and such still as I go through!

      Makes sense if you got Birthright that you went with the Hoshido/Byakuya! Yep, I recall reading about the Izanagi and Izanami relation. I’m more trying to figure out why Kamui was made Corrin. xD

      I hope it remains addictive (in a healthy way) when you have completed it. : )

        • Great, then nothing to worry about. : ) As you play, please feel free to ask about anything that stands out in the localization that you may want looked into. I’m working on a comparison series, be they minor or major!

  2. That cover is uh…bright. But thank you so much for translating. I loved reading the Awekening comics. I’d donate if I had any money 😦

    I was just going through the online classifieds this morning and I noticed 5 posts asking for SE and they were willing to up to $300! I also noticed two scalpers selling the game for $400-$500. I honestly hate it how some people will take advantage of other people who are desperate to get their hands on a game. Though is it even worth the price? And Nintendo could have made more copies and more money :P.

    ….that was quite a rant, sorry about that :3.

    • It isn’t worth the price, you could buy Hoshido (Physical) + Nohr + Revelation, AND Nohr (Physical) + Hoshido + Revelation for a bit over HALF of $300! That’s not worth it at ALL! xD

      It is sad how they take advantage of it and such. And please don’t worry about donations. It is not a demand, simply if people have money to spare. : ) I appreciate you willing to do so though!

      You’re making me feel bad though, I may have to buy you a 3DS and the game at this rate. xD

  3. Glad to see that there is a constant stream of material for you to work!

    Fire Emblem isn’t like the other series that a lot of details are left to be explained, is it?

    Oh, and if you have the time, after this book is done can you translate a Fire Emblem 4 parody comic? I’ve the scan.

    • Yeah! I was starting to run out of shorter material and have been getting busier so more pressed for time… though there’s a ton of fates stuff to work with. And yeah, there really isn’t too much that needs explanation that I know of : )

      If it’s just one page, I can do it before this project : ) If not, sure I’d love to in the future!

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