FE Fates Localization: Conquest Ch. 26 Corrin/Kamui Dialogue (Medium Change)


This post is part of a series of Fire Emblem Fates localization comparison posts! I discuss anything from major to minor changes here as I play through the game. Today, we look at a scene from Chapter 26 of Conquest.

Some major story spoilers for those who may not be at Chapter 26 yet!

Please note that this post is purely informative and may share some opinion, but this does not mean the change is necessarily good or bad. A change is just a change that is being looked into, and you can be the judge of whether you like it or not!

It is all just for fun and curiosity for me. : )


In Chapter 26, MacBeth/Iago attacks Corrin/Kamui having uncovered the fact that Hinoka is still alive. Gans/Hans joins in, but the tide turns when all of Corrin/Kamui’s siblings step in to eliminate the two they disapprove of (aside from Camilla, who did not exactly disapprove of their heinous crimes, but simply because they dared attack her dear sibling).

Corrin/Kamui then makes a brief speech about this, which changed slightly between games.

Take a look at the original Japanese below:


That’s right… It seems this fight was inevitable. I like to avoid senseless slaughter, and thought I may be able to continue to do so. But, [I feel] these guys are different. For the first time… I’m thinking more like a Nohrian Prince[ss] should. I’m thinking… that even though you two are fellow soldiers of Nohr, I want to kill both of you.

Above is my translation of the text. After their perceived lack of “backbone” the entire game, this is the moment they are actually truly fine with killing, accepting the inevitable and deciding if anyone must be killed, it should be these two who have committed heinous crimes on others. Back during the Japanese release, a major story complaint was Kamui’s lack of “backbone” in dealing with these issues, and indeed, there is still a bit of reluctance in the above, as they are at their core quite pure, you could say.

Now take a look at the localization below:

Do not expect me to hold back. Though I do not regret returning to Nohr…I will not stand idly by while you desecrate the kingdom I grew up in! If it’s a fight you want, Hans, it’s a fight you’re going to get. I always try to avoid needless violence… but there’s an exception to every rule.You want to see me act more like you? Like a merciless killer? Then watch this. You may be on the side of Nohr, but I will punish you all the same!

Here there is much more aggression. Much more. No reference to acting like what the perceived way a Prince/Princess should act, but just Corrin in general. They single out Hans, showing a lot of pent up aggression. Oddly, they almost seem to only be talking to Hans here, rather than the above which references Iago as well.

The only similarity is attempting to avoid needless violence, but rather than talk about their faltering resolve, they go on about it being an exception.

Perhaps it was an attempt to give Corrin more of that “backbone” that they felt they lacked in Japanese, but it seems like quite the revenge fantasy, really, for player satisfaction.

For reference, Aqua/Azura’s line before, and Marx/Xander’s line after Kamui/Corrin’s speech above remained largely the same.

Either way, that’s the line for you in case you were wondering!


My Nohr play through is complete. Overall, there were not too many changes for the main story. From what I have gathered so far, most changes occur within the support conversations, and characterization on the Birthright route (which I will begin covering from now).

I will continue to note these little differences (and major ones apparently in the supports!) as I go through the games. Feel free to point out anything that stands out and that need looking into! I have played all three games already in Japanese, so do not worry about spoilers.

What do you think about this change? Prefer the more passive Kamui? Or the more aggressive Corrin?


6 thoughts on “FE Fates Localization: Conquest Ch. 26 Corrin/Kamui Dialogue (Medium Change)

  1. It’s certainly a lot more vengeful in the localization, but I don’t think that was entirely for the player’s benefit. In-story, Corrin has plenty of reason to want revenge on both of those fools by Ch26, particularly Hans.

    That part where Corrin admits s/he’s descending to Hans’ level skeeves me out, though. Because a) Corrin isn’t as bad as Hans even with this whole revenge thing, and b) s/he’s openly jumping into anti-hero territory, which seems… a bit off, for Corrin. But then, I haven’t played Conquest, so I haven’t seen Corrin’s character development over the second half.

    • Indeed, I just listed player benefit as a possible reason, or part of a reason, of many. : )

      I did feel it odd about “stooping down to his level” so to say, considering Kamui was the one pursuing the moral high ground the entire time, as pointed out in A.

      That’s the thing, your point in B. He/she doesn’t really have any inclination to go that way, and often gets lucky breaks from taking a darker path. Suddenly deciding to do so now is of little benefit, and the development (both in Japanese and English) does little to justify it. So it feels a little out of nowhere, personally. xD

      Perhaps if/when you get to Conquest, you can see what I mean. : ) I feel they are more consistent in Birthright (from Japanese, anyway, I’m only on Ch. 13 in the English version so far).

      Thanks for the comment!

      • I think the original one is a lot better.
        During the whole game, he/she has to hold his/her grudge against them . At this point, when the fight is about to break out, the last part especially :
        “that even though you two are fellow soldiers of Nohr, I want to kill both of you”

        is really huge in it’s meaning. “I’ve tried to hold back , to brush aside everything , BUT depsite who you are and what I think, I still want to kill you” goes really well with how he’s written overall (wich, I don’t like at all, but at least it has consistency) .

        The english version is just so wrong. It doesn’t suit Corrin personnality on nohr at all to act the way he does. And the said consistency is lost yet again . What feels right with the character, suddently become lazing writting to make the player feels good. It’s hard to approve on such a change.

        • Indeed, that is what I had noticed. Corrin takes quite the turn there in English, where as it made more sense with his gradual (and subdued) build up throughout the story in Japanese for that release. Even if we don’t exactly agree with the way he is written, it does at least remain consistent, as you said.

          Thank you for sharing your thoughts. : )

  2. Well, it’s good that they give Corrin some backbone and not think that being a Nohr Prince/Princess is equal to killing senselessly.

    I was wondering if you could compare the Japanese and English personality of Corrin? Or if you write how localization handled Corrin’s guilt if they choose to join Nohr?

    ~Thank you again!

    • No worries! I plan to do overall-character comparisons after I complete all three play-throughs to see how people like Kamui act in those paths. They still had those lines regarding “Maybe this was the wrong path” or “Should have chosen Hoshido” though that people were worried about. xD Will look more in-depth into it eventually!

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