Pokemon Sun & Moon + Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow Pokebank Connectivity

Woke up pretty early to watch this announcement, and was pleased with the six minutes they showed.

Pokemon Sun & Moon are official, and that is nice to hear for worldwide Holiday 2016. That comes with all languages and worldwide. My favorite kind of release! I look forward to a new adventures and what comparisons can be drawn.

More exciting for me however, at the moment, is the Pokebank functionality for Pokemon Red, Blue, & Yellow releasing on Pokemon Day tomorrow! That’s something to look forward to.

I took some screenshots of what little they showed of Sun and Moon from the video. I’m sure there’s a lot of speculation to be had:

sunmoonpokecenter sunmoonvehicles sunmoonenvironemnt sunmoondia1 sunmoondia2


7 thoughts on “Pokemon Sun & Moon + Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow Pokebank Connectivity

  1. Watch Solrock and Lunatone be version exclusive. Same for Espeon/Umbereon. I think some other exclusives would be Pokemon that evolve using the Sun Stone and the Moon Stone.

    They found some incentive for people to buying Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow on the Virtual Console…but I guess you can get the same Pokemon from trading with other games/transferring from the Kanto remakes?

    A small aside, how do you pick which version you’ll be getting? I just get the version with the legendary I like. Only exception would be my first game Blue (which I got when the remakes came out Dx, i just happened to have it. Same with Ruby which I got with my Gameboy. Good times.

    • Yeah, I was saying that about Solrock and Lunatone to friends as well, but Espeon/Umbreon is a good point that I didn’t think about! I look forward to seeing what a sun and moon themed legendary looks like. : )

      Yep, you can trade and transfer from those games, and it’ll be nice just to have a Kanto based Pokemon from the actual region and all. I wonder how they will make up for moves Pokemon no longer have or how they break down the stats (like “Special”), as well as gender. I’m sure there’s a way though, and maybe those Pokemon with the moves they can’t learn anymore will be special thanks to the transfer! I see people wondering about MissingNo and such as well, but I’m sure there’s something in place to account for all that.

      That’s a good question! For Red/Blue, I played Blue first even though I saw Charizard as more appealing, but my brother had gotten Red so we decided to do it that way. Gold/Silver I chose on Legendary (I liked Lugia better in look), and I like the color/material silver more. For Ruby/Sapphire, I went with Ruby because I like Rubies more than Sapphires. xD I got lucky that I ended up liking Groudon’s look more so though! Then for Diamond/Pearl, it was the first time I made an “informed” decision (saw which Pokemon were version exclusive) and based it on that (ended up going with Pearl).

      Black/White… I imported Black version, since I love Black, but then bought the localized White version. Black 2/White 2 was sort of random, I think I went with Black 2 instead. X/Y I went with X, but don’t actually remember my reason as to why…

      Now, based on title and colors I’m leaning toward Sun over Moon, but I do like the Sun and Moon very much, so will see what sort of legendaries they hold among other things! Wonder what the enemy teams will be like and such.

      In the end I usually get both/all three versions. xD But the ones listed above are my primary ones.

      Sorry for that long tangent! I do love Pokemon. xD

      • Haha, it’s fine. I love Pokemon too! Though isn’t Japanese Black and localized White the same game?

        You actually brought a good point about the transfer. Now i’m curious to see how they’ll handle that part.

        Wow! You buy the Japanese and the English versions?! Then I can see why these are your favourite releases. Is there a notable difference in the story between the two languages?

        • Are they? I never looked into that if Japanese Black and Localized White are the same! Talk about misinformed if so! xD

          Ah, I meant I get all versions like both X and Y, or both OR and AS. Though, it helps that you can play them in Japanese anyway so it doesn’t matter anymore! But back for Black 1 and 2, I imported those, yes. I didn’t see too many differences, but I would love to go back and see the differences in Pokestar Studios, for instance! I did a few Pokemon posts here already (like Mystery Dungeon) but would love to do more!

          Just that the fanbase is so big and moves so quickly that someone usually already covered anything I can think of xD Compared to the smaller FE fanbase, I guess!

          And yeah, I saw earlier that the Mew Glitch is still around, so wonder if that Mew is transferable or not, too.

          Happy Pokemon Day to you!

  2. Currently, Jwitz pointed out there was a Blastoise on the concept art of a firetruck. AWWWWW THAT’S THE MOST EPIC FIRETRUCK EVER! I’m quite annoyed that there wasn’t more, but hey, it’s Pokemon, it already has my money on it!
    Also, that place with the fountain, I wonder what it’s relevance is?
    *Obligatory Okami joke about Sun version*
    *Obligatory Kaguya joke about Moon version*

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