Happy 20th Anniversary, Pokemon!

Taking a break from translations and such today to consider this a holiday. Some good memories with this franchise, and hope to be part of it (officially) in the future, too!

I started back with Blue version, and managed to 100% it (with the help of Pokemon Stadium which released later, of course) and have been at it ever since. Loved the TCG, and like many others adored the show (which is still going!)

What are your fond memories of the series? What was your first game? Would love to hear what you have to say!

Well, that assumes you’re even a fan. xD

It’s back to Fire Emblem stuff from tomorrow onward! But after that’s all settled I hope to cover a ton more Pokemon stuff this year. : )

3 thoughts on “Happy 20th Anniversary, Pokemon!

  1. Happy Pokemon Day to you as well~!

    My first game would be Pokemon Blue. I would never finish it because the game would fade to a black screen when I lost a battle (I was 8 so I lost alot) or a problem with the game that wouldn’t let me save. I got Ruby the next year, so perhaps that is my “true” first game.

    I have so many fond memories that I can’t list them all here. One amusing memory from Blue would be that I was conned by the man by Mt. Moon into buying a Magikarp.

    Something that wasn’t so funny at the time would be when my younger sister used my only Master Ball on a Gulpin 😥
    ! I also thought Tropius was the coolest thing ever and that it was a legendary. A really cool moment would be that when I went to catch a Wailmer to evolve to get the Regis, I ran into Wailord instead!

    I have nothing funny for SS that I can think of but I remember the hours I spent on the live trade centre (forgot the name-wasn’t the GTS) trading away random end game Pokemon for some cool shinys/starters/legendaries/rare Pokemon. One cruel bait that my 12 year old self thought of was baiting people by showing them an egg or Zorua. People would start trading their best so they get their hands on that egg! I have so may great Pokemon that I haven’t reset because I’m scared to lose them 😛

    Sorry for the bad grammar and the long speel – Pokemon brings up great memories! 😀

    • Wow, that sounds like a terrible case with Blue! But glad you got around to beating Ruby. : )

      Of course, it would be hard to list everything. There is nothing wrong with being conned by that guy, because it means an earlier Gyarados, so ha! I think I thought similar to Tropius, well, not legendary, but still that awesome thing I really wanted to get.

      Master Ball on Gulpin xD There’s a ton of Master Ball used on _____ stories out there, huh? That’s just how it goes!

      Now that’s just mean, but hey you were 12 I guess! xD And no worries aobut the grammar, thanks for sharing!

  2. Fond memories of the series? Well, I started out with Gen four, Pearl version, (I sadly never beat it.) beating the first Gym Leader. I felt so accomplished at the time!

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