Fire Emblem Fates – Why is Selena the only one of the three who can actually die?



Today’s post is not exactly a localization comparison. Rather, it’s just a brief curiosity post in regards to something that remains in both versions of the game. Namely, why is Selena the only one of the three “expies” (from Awakening) who can actually die? [In Classic Mode].

There may be some minor spoilers to some DLC that is still unreleased in North America (as of this writing). There are also very minor spoilers for Conquest and Revelation.

Let’s take a look at their death quotes in English:

[Selena]: Way to go, Selena…getting yourself killed here. Now you’ll never see them again…

[Laslow] I…could close my eyes and be at peace…But I want to go home someday…Sorry, everyone, I need to fall back…

[Odin] Blast…I promised I’d return someday, so I can’t die here… Sorry, everyone I have to retreat…

For reference, all these lines about “meeting them again” and “going home” are references to being Awakening expies.

As one can see from the above, Selena is the only one of these three to not get a clear “sorry, I have to retreat/fall back” sort of line. Earlier games in the series that had perma-death still had quotes like this sometimes when the character would play a role later on in the main story. It simply meant they would be unavailable as a playable character until then.

So is that the case with Laslow and Odin? Selena, in both Conquest and Revelation is recruited alongside her Lady Camilla (alongside Beruka). So she has nobody to “wait for.” What I mean by this is, Odin and Laslow are recruited before you recruit their respective Lords (Leo and Xander) in Conquest. They have a small scene to welcome them back if around later on. But in Revelation, you get them along with their lords.

However, even if they die after their story relevance has ended, they still say the above quotes. So, it is not a matter of a different death quote after falling back. The two will clearly retreat no matter what, while Selena is left to die.

It’s odd, because she does reference “seeing them again” (same reason as the other two), but also clearly mentions “getting killed here,” while the other two leave. So, is she just being sarcastic and self-loathing? Not actually dying and just speaking hypothetically?

That could be it, considering the game uses the vague “Retired” for when a character dies in the Epilogue. (However, this could be for convenience due to ability to change game modes midway through among other things).

Just to double check, I took a look at the original Japanese quotes to see if there’s any difference:

[Selena / Luna] 馬鹿みたい…ここで…死んじゃうなんて…あたし…もう、みんなに…会えな……

I’m such an idiot… dying here…now I won’t…be able …to meet them again…

[Laslow / Lazward] 僕の負け…かあ…このまま…目を閉じたら、楽になれる…でも…それでも、もう一度帰りたい…こんなところで…死ねないよ…ごめん…みんな。 僕は退かせてもらうね…

I lost…huh? If I close my eyes… I’ll be at peace… B…but, I want to…go home… so I can’t die here. Sorry…everyone. I have to retreat…

[Odin] くそ…今までずっと…闘ってきた…のに、ここで終わり…かよ……でも俺は…約束したんだ。必ず戻る、って。だから、ここでは死ねない…悪いが、撤退するぜ…

Dammit…I need to keep fighting…but…this looks like the end… no…I made a promise. I said I will definitely return… so…I can’t die here. Sorry guys, I have to withdraw…

As you can see, the localization didn’t change these death quotes much (aside from condensing the text, likely to save for space, I suppose). Selena still lacks a retreat, and more of a final sounding statement compared to the other two.

For reference, the Japanese used for an epilogue death translates to “Retired” as well, so that will not be helpful in determining whether that confirms it or not. Earlier games differentiated between “Retreat” and “Death/Killed” in their epilogues, but it seems it is not the case here.

So, the question is: Why Selena? Is it because she lacks a child attached to her this time through? After all, the children are determined by the male characters in this game, so all she contributes are modifiers rather than any actual children. Is she less significant than the other two? Perhaps she didn’t want to return home? But she clearly does, if she’s regretting being unable to see them again, and judging by her support conversations.

UPDATE: Strangely enough, Hinata (who is needed to produce Hisame), says this in English:

Hinata: I’ll never turn my back…to an enemy…I will fight…’til the en—

That sounds like a clear cut death to me… which is odd because we just discussed how the other two may survive due to being male, and so produce children…

However, this is likely a localization oversight, as his quite in Japanese clearly states he is retreating:

Hinata: 敵に背中を見せるのは…恥だ…それでも、俺はタクミ様の臣下として…あの方を置いては…死ねないんだ…ここは、撤退するしか…ねぇな…

Turning my back on the enemy…is embarrassing… but as Lord Takumi’s retainer…I can’t just die…and leave him behind… I have no choice…I’ve gotta retreat…

It’s a strange thing I wondered each time she died in my play through. As usual, this is another super nitpick of a post. I hope to go through everyone’s death quotes eventually (seeing how Nyx’s was significantly changed).

What do you think? Why is Selena the only one to (probably) die? Many (including myself) figure it is likely due to not really leading to any children (like the women did in Awakening), but what…is that grounds to really ignore why she can’t live to fulfill that promise to return like the other two can?


12 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Fates – Why is Selena the only one of the three who can actually die?

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  3. Maybe it’s because you technically get Caeldori from Tsubaki, so you don’t really need Luna….but you need Laslow and Odin to get their kids who are their mothers? Because of the Fates system, if they die then their mothers would not be alive (since it’s established that fates takes place before awakening?) and if their mothers weren’t alive then they-

    Meanwhile Luna’s existence depends on Tsubaki so that’s different.

    • Yep… that’s the way we’re all leaning. Simply the kids rather than the actual motivations that keep two around and not the third. xD

  4. It’s simply the men (Except for a certain case in Birthright.) getting plot armor because they are involved in paralogues just like the women did in Awakening.

    Selena isn’t getting shafted so much as she’s not getting special treatment for being an “expy”. Felicia, Azura, and the princesses are the ones to get special treatment because they show up in main story and CG cutscenes.

    • (Which certain case in Birthright?)

      Yes, that seems to be the case as many of us have agreed upon.

      Indeed, it’s not exactly her “expy” status I think should have had an exception, its more curious due to having that same motivation that got discounted simply from the lack of attached children and main story relevance (though I guess since that DLC is from earlier on, doesn’t matter about the return!)

      Ideally I think even without children or with story relevance, someone dying and effecting something later can be cool. It was pretty well done in FE9. xD

      Thanks for the post! : )

  5. Yeah, I think the only reason she is the only one to die rather then retreat is because, if you unlock the paralouge, they still have to appear in the paralouge for it to make sense…yeah, that’s most likely the only reason >.>’ (Also, having played up the Birthright Chapter 21…the writing for the game is not impressing me that much)

    • That’s a really sad thing, huh? xD In this game, unlike Awakening, they don’t need to survive after they have kids, right? xD So it’s sad she gets shafted for that reason anyway.

      For good reason, the writing takes a hit here and there. Care to list any specific examples? I love to hear all sorts of opinions, and anything that really stands out as odd to you, I’m always willing to look into the original!

  6. Could it possibly be because Laslow and Odin both have kids tied to them? If I remember correctly, Awakening did a similar thing with the women who had kids tied to them…

    • I was thinking something like that and mentioned it above. It’s still the most likely theory, though, in Awakening I think it would only change after they got an S rank, right? In this I think it’s the same even before that… but correct me if I’m wrong. : )

      • No, Awakening’s mother would always retreat, even before they S Ranked anyone. There, it was to prevent time paradoxes involving the future children, I guess.

        • Ah, thanks! Yeah I thought that was the case in that one, so nice to know. : ) Indeed, it made sense since in that game, kids would happen…eventually! In this one they sort of happen during the war it seems, so a bit harder to come around on whether the parent still needs to be around after they are born or whatever. xD Or even before that!

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