Fire Emblem if/Fates: 4Koma KINGS Page 10 Translation

The latest of my scan/clean/translation of  Fire Emblem if (Fates): 4Koma Kings (ファイアーエムブレムif 4コマKINGS).

This is an individual post for Page 10. The compilation post that features all pages thus far is here! This is the last of the colored pages.

I do not post the raw scans here, but you may email if you want them to compare translations! I do at least one page per day.

All scanning, editing, translating, and uploading is done on my free time and is rather time consuming. It is certainly a lot of work… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. Any amount (no matter how small) is much appreciated and helps me keep going on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy the end results of my work!

010translateNote: This one may be a little harder to understand (Konishi Aki seems to go for more implied jokes than direct), so if there are any issues with trying to get it I’ll try my best to explain it. xD


2 thoughts on “Fire Emblem if/Fates: 4Koma KINGS Page 10 Translation

  1. I don’t get it ;_; I think the first one is related to a map gimmick in Conquest. No clue what the second one is.

    • The first one is to the map gimmick, and believe its either making fun of her lack of armor (ironically not being blown away), or her chest size. xD

      The second one has to do with the two painstakingly making perfect tea, but Felicia and her bumbling dropping the plate and Kamui being totally fine with it makes them assume the key to good tea is just…ditching the plate. xD

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