Fire Emblem Fates Localization: Izana Death Quote & Epilogue Change (Major)


This post is part of a series of Fire Emblem Fates localization comparison posts! I discuss anything from major to minor changes here as I play through the game. Today, I take a look at a death quote and epilogue change, this one in particular being Izana (recruitable as a bonus character in certain paths).

Consider this a follow up to my previous post about his changes…

Please note that this post is purely informative and may share some opinion, but this does not mean the change is necessarily good or bad. A change is just a change that is being looked into, and you can be the judge of whether you like it or not!

It is all just for fun and curiosity for me. : )



Anyone following this site may have seen my post about Izana and his major changes already. This death quote just continues to show that, for some very odd reason, he was changed greatly.

Let’s take a look at the Japanese first:


The truth is… I foresaw … myself… dying here… I leave…the rest…to all of you…

That is rather saddening. He decided to come despite having foreseen his death, and leaves the rest to the player and their army. Of course, in reality, the player sent him there and got him killed, but in terms of narrative and for the character, moving out when you know you’re going to die is quite the sacrifice. There is no joking tone here at all.

So let’s look at the English:

Just as I predicted, sadly. I have but one dying wish… Keep the party going forever. Heehee!

He still foresaw his death (though not directly, and is labeled prediction rather than a fortune he saw), but instead of leaving it to the rest of the group, he continues that trend of being a rather detached party-monger. He even has an enthusiastic giggle at the end.

The changes to both character and content above goes without saying. Talk about the happiest man alive! (Or, dead…)

Next, is his epilogue. Here is the Japanese:


He returned to his usual way of life in Izumo. He became extremely popular among his people due to his active role in the war. His joking personality never changed, and he continued to surprise all visitors who were deceived by his sublime appearance.

Straightforward. He never changed, and became popular in his country for his supposedly active role in the war (despite the neutrality).

Now, the English:

Izana certainly suffered the ravages of war—he was never able to win another “Best Hair” contest. He tried to make up for it with lavish dinner parties and vacations, but he felt hollow inside.

Poor Izana felt hollow inside… but the above really does solidify him as a joke in the end. It is really unfortunate, though probably a good laugh for those who like his personality as it is!

So… yes, Izana is a big joke in English. xD As if that wasn’t clear enough the first time around.


I have finished all three paths, so feel free to point out anything that stands out and that need looking into! I have played all three games already in Japanese as well, did the DLC, etc so do not worry about spoilers.

What do you think about these changes in addition to his overall changes?


9 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Fates Localization: Izana Death Quote & Epilogue Change (Major)

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  2. As someone who much prefers Izana’s JP characterisation, I’m very grateful for your comparison posts! I’d love to see you do one about his death scene in the Revelations route as well. Thank you for doing these already; I appreciate all your work!

    • Thank you for the kind comment, and you’re very welcome. : ) I’m glad there are some others out there that enjoy the Japanese version too : )

      I’m glad you enjoy these posts too! I found that scene in Revelation ridiculous (in both versions), so I may look into it just to see how that went.

      If you have any other comparison/suggestions you may wish looked into, please feel free to suggest such, too!

  3. You know, I noticed a difference between Izana and Yukimura…Yukimura, despite having about the same amount of screentime, has pretty much no personality or effect on the plot whatsoever. He only appears once in every route, and I can barely remember what is character is like. Heck, having looked up his supports, you get more information about your dad Sumeragi then you do about him. (And that’s not even going into how much they tell you about plot information rather then show it to the player) Heck, when he joined on Birthright, my first thought was “If I was on Classic, you would be my only casualty…then I would load and you would be benched”.

      • It’s a general issue in both versions of the game, I think. xD Yukimura mostly just had formal loyalist sort of personality going for him in the original that didn’t stick out much other than to yell at you for betrayal and such. Oh and doubt you…

        The other two too, Mikoto didn’t really get to spend much time with you, and Garon…well yeah. Not much going on there, unfortunately.xD

  4. Another example of a changed death quote was Flora. Her quote was very saddening in Japanese.

    In Conquest, was there any evidence of Izana putting up a facade after his kingdom was invaded? If so, that would explain the epilouge.

    • Oh yeah? I guess I really should just look at all the death quotes at once since there seem to be many that are the same, and many that are different. xD

      I don’t think there was really any evidence pointing toward that… I think the epilogue just said he felt empty over losing something as trivial as a best hair contest. xD

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