FE Fates Localization: Character Profile Comparisons (ALL)


This is another post in my ongoing Fire Emblem Fates localization comparison posts! I discuss anything from major to minor changes here.

Today, I look at every character profile between the two versions. These profiles are specifically the ones found in the Records Hall (in MyCastle), not the ones on the map/character page  or found anywhere else.

Please note that this post is purely informative and may share some opinion, but this does not mean the change is necessarily good or bad. A change is just a change that is being looked into, and you can be the judge of whether you like it or not!

It is all just for fun and curiosity for me. : )


First, some general things to keep in mind:

  • The localization has limited space to work with in these profiles. It can be hard to convey some bigger ideas as a result.
  • As a result of the above, many of the English profiles condense ideas, or sometimes omit them entirely. If they are similar enough, I may not comment on the slight differences, unless the subtle differences go a long way.
  • My own translation I provide takes a literal approach to give you the meaning. I am aware sometimes they go too verbose. This is not a post about what the title should be. Simply a post regarding what it was, and what it was made into.
  • These translations were from before the game’s localization was even announced. Some terms may seem awkward now in retrospect, and I explain how they got there in the notes, rather than adjusting them completely.
  • To be clear, some information that is omitted from translated profiles does not mean the character lacks the quirk/info in the entire game. That info still may appear in supports and other events in-game. This post is looking at profiles in isolation, however, and assumes the reader would be reading these without additional knowledge of these support contexts.
  • Some of the translations are from serenesforest.net with a few possible changes. I have not cross-checked all of the SF translations, as they are generally accurate.
  • Deeprealms was translated as “secluded regions/realms” in the pre-localization translations.

The Comparison:

Note: The order is English profile first, with the Japanese profile below. The original Japanese is not provided this time, but can be provided on request. For easy searching, both English and Japanese character names are provided (English Name/Japanese Name):

kamuim2 kamuif2


A prince[ss] raised in Nohr after being abducted from Hoshido as a child. Can change into a dragon and wield the sacred blade, Yato. S/He is well liked by all. Has the most hidden potential.

A prince[ss] abducted and raised by Nohr. In addition to being able to transform into a Dragon, they are also the sole wielder of the divine weapon “Yatogami.” Has the unique trait of charming those around them. The one who has the greatest concealed power in the army.


  • I combined the gendered profiles into one, hence the s/he in the English profile.
  • “Charming those around them” became “well liked by all.” It’s subtle, but the Japanese gives a more direct indication that it may mean the enemy as well, where as “by all” may make one assume for those who are already friendly toward them.



The high prince of Hoshido and wielder of the legendary Raijinto. He follows the Bushido code and is quite hard on himself, much like his late father, Sumeragi. The worst at knowing when to quit.

The crown prince of Hoshido. Uses the sacred weapon named the “Thunder God’s Blade.” He follows and values the way of the warrior. He is a man who constantly strives to improve himself and is very self-disciplined. He looks up to his late father Sumeragi. He is the worst at giving up in the army.


  • Raijinto translates to “Thunder God’s Blade.” I did this translation back before there was any localization news, so we (the community) weren’t sure if it would stay Raijinto or get some more translated meaning. Turns out it stayed!
  • “Looks up to his father” became “much like his father.” One implies the close relationship (Japanese), the other implies their similarities.



A Hoshidan prince who wields the legendary Fujin Yumi. An emotional young man who seeks attention. While a bit tempestuous, he’s very kind to people he trusts. Has the worst nightmares.

Prince of Hoshido. He wields the legendary weapon named “The Wind God’s Bow.” His mood fluctuates often and he strives to be the center of attention. Though he may seem callous, he has a friendly side, which catches people off-guard. He has the worst dreams out of everyone in the army.


  • Like with Raijinto, Takumi’s bow remained the same across the game. The weapon name here is a literal translation, as it was translated before any localization news came out.
  • English goes with “kind to people he trusts.” Japanese says a generally friendly side, as well as how it catches people off guard. Likely omitted for space.



A Hoshidan ninja who serves Ryoma and is the fifth to carry the Saizo name. He has a younger twin brother, Kaze. Curt and taciturn, but unfailingly loyal. Dislikes sweets more than anyone.

Ryouma’s subordinate and a shinobi of Hoshido. He is the 5th generation of elite ninjas who bear the name “Saizou”, and is also Suzukaze’s older twin brother. He is usually rough and unfriendly, but is fiercely loyal to Ryouma. The one who hates sweets the most in the army.


  • This is an example of a very nicely condensed profile while still keeping the same meaning.



A Hoshidan kitsune who serves as village chief. For good or ill, he’s very trusting and will always repay a kindness. Obsessed with his own beauty, he constantly combs his fur. Has the best posture.

A Youko of Hoshido. Chief of his tribe. Whether or not people are good or bad, he will definitely return a favor if they are kind to him. He loves beautiful things and himself, and dedicates his free time to grooming himself. The one with the best posture in the army.


  • “For good or ill” refers to the situation/concept, but in Japanese they were referring to whether or not the person who does him a favor is good or bad. It does give him a more neutral stance in that sense which is lost here. However, due to the way Japanese works, the line can also be “For better or worse,” which comes out to the same meaning. So there is no real problem with that translation.



A Hoshidan samurai from a long line serving the royal family. Like his liege, Takumi, he’s a bit coarse and quick to get into a fight, but he’s honest and optimistic. Likes wide open fields.

A samurai of Hoshido. Takumi’s subordinate. Born into a family of samurai who have served the royalty for generations. Though he is crude and quarrels easily, he is popular for his honest and frank personality. Oddly enough, he is weak to beautiful women. He is the one who loves open fields the most in the army.


  • His line regarding a weakness to women has been completely omitted, likely for space.



A Hoshidan monk who serves Hinoka. Born at a small shrine, and made pilgrimages to holy mountains in training. He is aloof, acerbic, and philosophical. Cries less than anyone in the army.

A priest of Hoshido. Hinoka’s subordinate. He was born at a small shrine and travels to various spiritual mountains as part of his training to be a priest. He has an aloof personality and a sharp tongue. He has a philosophical view toward many things. He is the one who never cries in the army.



Sakura’s retainer and a Hoshidan sky knight from a long line of talented knights trained to be perfect. Easygoing, handsome, and skilled. Has impeccably clean hands.

A Pegasus Warrior of Hoshido. Serves Sakura. From an elite family that has served the royal family for generations, and was raised to be a perfect person. Gentle, handsome, and with great skill as a soldier, he can truly be called “perfect.” The one with the cleanest hands in the army.



An orphan from the Wind Tribe raised by their chief, Fuga. He is a magical prodigy, but baby-faced and overcompensates with high- handed speech. Sensitive about his height.

A spellcaster of the Wind Tribe. He is an orphan who was raised by the tribe chief Fuuga. Though he tries and acts like an adult to an overbearing extent, he retains child-like weaknesses. He’s sensitive about his height in particular. He is the one who drinks the most milk in the army.


  • They changed his height sensitivity to his “quirk” here, where as in Japanese it was actually about drinking the most milk. Considering the trait of drinking milk is associated with those who wish to grow tall/strong, they likely merged it into his height sensitivity and omitted the milk line.



A multi-talented Nohrian butler who serves Corrin at home and on the battlefield. While generally cool toward others, he took a vow of absolute loyalty to Corrin. Not a morning person.

A butler of Nohr. Serves Kamui. He was born into aristocracy but separated from his parents. He is adept in both war and chores, able to handle anything gracefully. He has absolutely loyalty to Kamui, but is cold and unsociable to anybody else.  Hates mornings the most out of everyone in the army.


  • No reference to his “born into aristocracy but separated from his parents.”



A newly appointed Nohrian knight of noble birth. Childhood friend of Corrin. He is both very kind and quite skilled for a man of his age. Worst “bedhead” in the army.

A fledgling knight of Nohr. He is from a noble family and was best friends with Kamui in childhood. He is both kind and cooperative, as well as an incredibly capable knight for his young age. He has the messiest hair in the army.


  • Messiest hair changed to “bedhead,” which was Aqua/Azura’s trait in Japanese (which itself was also changed).



A Hoshidan ninja. Unlike his twin brother, Saizo, he has a polite and calm demeanor. He is loyal to his chosen liege, willing to give up his very life. Best-liked member of the army.

A shinobi of Hoshido. Unlike his older twin brother, Saizou, he has a polite and calm air to him. He strives to choose his own master and is incredibly loyal. He would even go as far as to sacrifice his own life for them. He is the most popular man in the army.



The crown prince of Nohr and wielder of the legendary Siegfried. Gifted military leader. Can seem unapproachable, but is actually kind and personable. Has nice handwriting.

The Crown Prince of Nohr and eldest son of the Nohr royal family. He wields the legendary weapon, Siegfried. He’s the epitome of valor and chivalry. Though he seems serious and cold at first glance, he’s a kind and well-loved man at heart. Has the best handwriting in the army.


No reference to being the epitome of valor and chivalry, major character traits.



The brilliant prince of Nohr who wields the legendary Brynhildr and is known for his potent magic. He can be quite cruel to his enemies. Objectively loves tomatoes more than anyone else could.

Prince of Nohr. Wields the legendary weapon, Brunnhilde. He is a prodigy who can flawlessly complete any task given to him. He utilizes destructive magic. He is ruthless to his enemies. The biggest fan of tomatoes in the army.


  • References to his “prodigal ability” is only implied with the word “brilliant” in English.
  • Brunnhilde is spelled that way due to the literal reading of the Japanese, but Brynhildr is likely what they were going for.



A border guard from Nohr. His intimidating appearance is even scarier for his silence, but really he’s just shy and quite gentle. Always carries a charm with him. Most of his friends are bears.

A knight of Nohr who is a member of the border guard. He has a scary face and rough demeanor which causes everyone to be afraid of him. However, in reality he is a gentle and timid man who always carries a good luck charm during battle. He is the one who gets along best with bears in the army.



A wolfskin leader from Nohr’s Mount Garou. Cheerful, sociable, and a little stupid. Loves big bugs and round dust bunnies; avidly collects both. The most easily distracted member of the army.

A Garou of Nohr. He is the leader of the Garou at Kaien Peak. He is both cheerful and amiable, but also a little dense. He loves to hoard things like dust bunnies and big insects as if they were treasure. He is the most attracted to random objects in the army.


  • Wolfskin were Garou in Japanese. You can read an in-depth post on that whole thing here.
  • Kaien is the literal reading of what was likely “Cayenne” Peak.
  • Oddly, being attracted to random objects became “most easily distracted.” One can see how they got there (random objects can distract), yet they do lead to two different meanings. Perhaps the localizers felt it was redundant to include that right after mentioning he has a habit of collecting random things.



A local hero from a small town in Nohr, now a retainer for Elise. He has an eccentric obsession with justice matched only by his incredibly poor luck. The most likely to take a bad spill.

An axe fighter of Nohr and Elise’s subordinate. He was born in the capital’s underground district and became the local hero who kept the town’s peace. He’s an honest young man who pursues the path of justice, but suffers from being completely luckless. He is the one who is the flashiest when falling over in the army.


His Japanese “quirk” of being flashy (when falling over) is replaced with simply being the most likely to take “a bad spill.”



A dark mage serving Leo in Nohr. Does not talk about his homeland or history, but still talks a great deal. Gives absurd names to his weapons and “special moves.” Most likely to shout “Level up!”

A magic user of Nohr. Serves Leon. Origin and history are unknown. He speaks in a very over dramatic way, gives complex names to his weapons, and loves thinking about fancy names for his moves. His blood gets boiling the most in the army.


His blood-boiling reference is removed in favor for his more game-y nature.



A mercenary serving Xander in Nohr. His homeland and history are unknown. A friendly flirt, he is actually quite shy. He aims to be a dancer someday and is quite good. The biggest night owl.

A mercenary of Nohr. Serves Marx. Personal history and origins are unknown. A cheerful flirt who loves women, but he is actually a very shy person inside. He is great at dancing, and seeks to perfect his technique. The one who takes the most nightly strolls in the army.


  • “takes the most nightly strolls” has been changed to “night owl.” While a nightly stroll may be the trait of a night owl, they do mean two different things (as one is much more specific).



A Nohrian former thief serving as Leo’s retainer. He grew up as an impoverished orphan. Appears relaxed and mature, but flirts with everyone to see them react. Does the most stargazing.

A thief from Nohr. Leon’s subordinate. He was born in the lowest slums with no family. Though he seems like a tame adult, he is pretty suggestive toward both men and women alike. He also delights in watching other people suffer. He is the one who admires the moon the most in the army.


  • References to flirting with both men/women alike is more direct in Japanese, as English it is “everyone” which leaves it to the reader to determine if they mean one gender or the other, or both!
  • References to his sadistic nature are removed.
  • Admiring the moon specifically has been changed to stargazing in general.



Eldest princess of Hoshido, and someone who literally takes the defense of her kingdom into her own hands. She is a powerful warrior and a skilled flier. The best at looking out for others.

Oldest daughter of the Hoshido royal family. She fights in defense of her kingdom despite the objections of the people around her. With an honest and frank personality, she is more of a warrior than a princess. She is the most caring member of the army.


  • The brief reference of “objections of the people around her” is removed. That did have some implications of what (likely the Hoshidan Court) thinks of her role.



The youngest princess of Hoshido. She has a kind heart and cannot abide suffering. She is surprisingly strong willed for one so painfully shy. The most relaxing to be around.

Princess of Hoshido. She is a poor conversationalist and very shy, but is kind-hearted and wishes to heal people. She can also show a more determined side, where she will not back down on something once she has set her mind to it. Has the most refreshing presence in the army.


  • The Japanese goes out of its way to emphasize her strong will, which understandably is missing in English due to the length.



Daughter of the Flame Tribe’s chieftain. Passionate and powerful, she has no patience for “civilized” rules but fiercely maintains her own tribal traditions. Has the highest body temperature.

A Kijin from the Flame Tribe. She was raised as the chief’s daughter. She is strong-minded and courageous, but is also short tempered and impatient. She obeys her tribe’s tradition of solitude. She has the highest body temperature in the army.



A Hoshidan diviner who served the late Mikoto. Her parents were also royal diviners, so she visited the castle often from a young age. She has a cheerful, playful personality. Laughs more than anyone.

A spellcaster of Hoshido. Serves the late Mikoto. Born to a family of spellcasters that serve at the royal castle, she knows her way around the capital very well. She is skilled at fortune telling using cards. Has a cheerful and mischievous personality. She is the easiest to make laugh in the army.


  • The reference to fortune telling with cards is removed.



A ninja from Hoshido and Ryoma’s retainer. She is serious and loyal to a fault. Has been best friends with Orochi since childhood. Keeps a diary illustrated with her own paintings.

A kunoichi of Hoshido. Ryouma’s subordinate. She comes from a family that has served the royalty for generations, acting in place of her sickly older brother. She is diligent, loyal, and always keeps her cool. She has been best friends with Orochi since childhood. The best at keeping an illustrated diary within the army.


  • References to her “sickly older brother” and her acting in his place has been removed.



A Hoshidan samurai serving as Sakura’s retainer. She is outgoing, boisterous, and among the finest katana wielders in the kingdom due to a punishing practice regimen. Loves cherry blossoms.

A samurai of Hoshido who serves Sakura. She was born into a family that has distant relations with the royal family. She is a tomboy who quarrels easily. She never misses a day of training despite already being one of the best sword wielders in Hoshido. The one who loves cherry blossoms the most in the army.


  • References to her distant relation to the royal family and being a tomboy have been removed.
  • Her love for Cherry Blossoms is likely a pun on being Sakura’s retainer. The Japanese name Sakura and word sakura can mean “cherry blossom.” This is lost in translation.



A Hoshidan archer and retainer to Hinoka. She is known to be a little dreamy and inattentive to her surroundings, with a particular tendency to fall into traps. The most flexible and limber.

A bowman of Hoshido. Hinoka’s subordinate. She was raised in a carefree life of nobility and serves at the royal capital – somewhat. Her absent-mindedness gives her nerves of steel. She’s generally happy and oblivious to sarcasm. She has the most flexible body in the army.


  • Oddly enough, her tendency to fall into traps is not referenced in the Japanese profile, despite being a trait that is often brought up in supports and satirical comics regarding her.
  • References to a carefree life of nobility are removed.



A spear fighter from Hoshido who serves Takumi. Her family ran a tailor shop until her parents were killed by Nohrians, leading her to swear revenge. Still loves fashion. The quickest at getting changed.

A Lance Fighter of Hoshido. Serves Takumi. Her family home was a large textile store. She occasionally shows a demonic face due to the trauma she suffers from when Nohr killed her parents. She likes fashion, and is well versed in all fashion crazes. She is the fastest at changing clothes in the army.


  • References to her “demon face” are removed in English, but that is what the game/Japanese calls the dark face she makes whenever address Nohrians.



One of Corrin’s Ice Tribe retainers, along with her sister, Flora. A hard worker and skilled combatant, but clumsy and prone to breaking things, which upsets her. The most destructive.

Member of the Ice Clan in Nohr. She is the chief’s daughter and Flora’s younger twin sister. She is Kamui’s servant, and a klutz who often gets depressed over her own clumsiness. She’s a skilled warrior and a hard-worker who puts on a brave face. The most destructive Goddess in the army,


  • References to being the daughter of the chief are removed.
  • They mention her clumsiness, but not the trait that she feels bad about it.



A princess raised in Hoshido after being taken hostage in exchange for Corrin. Secretive and hides her emotions, but kind and wise. Her songs help her allies on the battlefield. A restless sleeper.

A Princess raised in Hoshido. When she was young, she was taken away from the land that had kidnapped Kamui, Nohr. Her emotions rarely fluctuate, and she is both compassionate and wise. She uses her singing voice to aid companions on the battlefield. Has the worst cases of bed hair in the army.


  • The “bed hair” reference is removed and changed to simply being a restless sleeper. Funny enough, the line was given to Silas in his English profile, though his Japanese one was also different (simply messy hair, rather than “bed-head.”)



A daughter of farmers from a small village in Nohr. Lacks confidence, but tries her best to help those around her. Overwhelmed to be near royalty all the time. Has the best survival skills in the army.

A villager from Hoshido. Being the daughter of a farmer, she is great at farming. She has a heavy accent and a unique way of speaking. Although she is meek and lacks confidence, she always works hard so she can be useful to everyone. She is the best at survival in the army.


  • References to her “heavy accent and unique way of speaking” have been removed. I believe she does not show many signs of an accent in English, either.
  • Interesting, she’s from Nohr in the localized version, and from Hoshido in the Japanese version.



The elder princess of Nohr. An extremely affectionate older sister and mother figure to Corrin, she is a terror to her enemies in battle. Loves hot springs and baths.

The oldest daughter of the Nohr royal family. She has a motherly personality, and endlessly dotes over Kamui. However, she is merciless toward her enemies, revealing a crueler side of herself on the battlefield. The one who bathes the longest in the army.


  • Bathing longest became “loves hot springs and baths.” They can mean the same thing (as bathing longest means one is implied to enjoy doing it), and yet can mean two different things too.



A playful Nohrian princess whose innocence sometimes lets her see truths that others miss. Loves her siblings to a degree bordering on hero worship. The best at remembering birthdays.

Princess of Nohr. Though she seems like a spoiled child who only loves to play around, she is both innocent and insightful. She loves her older brothers and sisters dearly and runs around them like a puppy. She is the one who is most considerate of her family out of everyone in the army.


  • Her quirk has changed from “most considerate of her family” to “best at remembering birthdays.”
  • Acting like an excited puppy has been (skillfully) changed to “bordering on hero worship.” It gets the same idea across!



A border guard from Nohr with ambitions to marry above her station. Puts on whatever persona she thinks will make people like her, but favors a cutesy innocent act. The most cynical in the army.

A fighter of Nohr and a member of the border guard. She was born a commoner and dreams of marrying into high society. At first glance, she seems like an innocent girl, but it is just a cover for her true personality. She uses it as a means to get men under her control. She is the one who puts up the strongest fights in the army.



A Nohrian soldier who serves Elise. Gentle and wishes to protect others, which is fortunate because she is strong enough to break armor with her bare hands. Most likely to ask for seconds.

Elise’s subordinate and a knight of Nohr. She was born in the capital’s underground district. She seeks to protect other people and has a kind personality. She seeks to become more powerful, and has attained super strength as the result of the rigorous training she undergoes. She has the most second helpings in the army.



A Nohrian noble serving Xander. Spoiled by her wealthy family, she’s childish and a crybaby who loves combat and bloodshed. No longer allowed to have a butler. The best chef in the army.

A knight of Nohr. Marx’s subordinate. She is the daughter of a notable noble family in Nohr. She has a childish personality being both selfish and somewhat of a crybaby. She loves the battlefield and has no qualms about attacking or killing people. She is the best cook in the army.


  • There is no reference to being spoiled by her family. This may have been a way to shift her slightly more crazy Japanese self to an even more childish “spoiled brat” sort.
  • The localization added the line about the butler.



A wyvern knight from Nohr serving Camilla. Born to heartless parents who left her on the streets, she is quiet and unexpressive. Has been an assassin since her youth. Has the highest poison tolerance.

A Wyvern Rider of Nohr. Camilla’s subordinate. She was born in the slums and abandoned by her parents. She is silent and stoic. She has worked as an assassin since childhood and is infamous as a capable killer. She is the one who is the least effected by poisons in the army



A retainer serving Camilla in Nohr. Her homeland and history are unknown. Strong willed and angry, she will occasionally show a gentle side to those she trusts. The most wasteful shopper.

A mercenary of Nohr. Camilla’s subordinate. Her origin and personal history are unknown. Though strong-willed and hates to lose, her true strength lies in her prodigal abilities. She displays a kinder side to allies she’s familiar with. She is the most wasteful shopper in the army.



A Nohrian mage preternaturally talented with curses. Cool and composed, she mostly avoids the others. Looks much, much younger than she actually is. Gives the best gifts.

A magic user of Nohr. Born to a family that excels in magic. With a calm and quiet personality, she does not interact with other people more than she has to. Though she has an appearance of a child, she is an adult woman inside. The one who understands how women work in the army.


  • Her quirk changed from “understanding how women work” to “gives the best gifts.” Whether this was changed to avoid potential issues (or, even worse, implies that “women work by getting good gifts”) is unknown, so let’s not speculate!



Ryoma’s son, raised in the Deeprealms. Thinks of his father as both role model and rival. Friendly, but intensely competitive. Sometimes gets in over his head. Great at arm wrestling.

Ryouma’s son who grew up in the secluded regions. He aims to be like his father and considers him a worthy rival. Though he is friendly, he has a competitive personality that hates to lose. He finds no greater joy than fighting the strong and always hungers for victory. He is the best arm wrestler in the army.



Takumi’s son, raised in the Deeprealms. Enjoys hunting, but also is enthusiastic about life in general. Seems to have endless stamina and optimism. Has the sharpest eyes in the army.

Takumi’s son who grew up in the secluded regions. He has nothing but great respect for his father. He is carefree and friendly, as well as optimistic about everything. He is a wild boy blessed with great stamina. He has the best eyesight in the army.



Saizo’s son, raised in the Deeprealms. Unsure about carrying on his father’s name. Generally cool, but absolutely obsessed with sweets. Enjoys making them as well. Smells better than anyone.

Saizou’s son who grew up in the secluded regions. He worries about inheriting his father’s name. He is a calm and able person. He loves sweets and his hobbies include making treats and snacking on the go. Since his clothes are packed with hidden sweets, he is the best smelling person in the army.


  • His “good smell” is explained more thoroughly in Japanese.



Kaden’s daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Cheerful, noisy, and not at all shy, she is always looking for people (and animals) to play with. The most fearless in the army.

Nishiki’s daughter who was raised in the secluded regions. She likes to play with her father. With a bright, noisy, and sociable personality, she always seeks someone to play with. As she never really experienced many troubles, she is the most fearless one in the army.


  • Japanese explains she loves to play with her father too, among the other people.
  • Reasons for her fearlessness are explained in Japanese.



Hinata’s son, raised in the Deeprealms. Thinks of his father as a poor role model. Stubborn, serious, and careful in all things. Loves pickles and tea more than anything. The youngest old man.

Hinata’s son who was raised in the secluded regions. He considers his father a bad role model. He is a serious and stubborn student, who for better or worse is careful about everything he does. He loves tea and pickles above all else. The one who acts the oldest despite his age in the army.




Azama’s daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Finds her father a bit annoying, though she inherited his acerbic wit. Loves to sleep and write poetry. Thinks more about the sky than anyone.

Asama’s daughter who was raised in the secluded regions. She thinks her father is quite the nagger. She has polite manners but an incredibly sharp tongue. She’s an oddball who loves to sleep and is quick to recite strange poems or haiku. She spends the most time dreaming in the army.


  • Her dreaming quirk has become one that thinks about the sky.



Subaki’s daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Dreams of becoming as perfect as her father, but may have already surpassed him. The most likely to fall head over heels in love.

Tsubaki’s daughter who was raised in the secluded regions. She dreams of being perfect like her father. A prodigy who can flawlessly handle most matters. Despite being the source of envy for those around her, she still believes she has further to go. She is the one who falls in love the most in the army.


  • The line about “may have already surpassed him” replaced being a source of envy for those around her and a few of the other smaller details. It was not mentioned in Japanese.



Hayato’s daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Finds her father childish, but dwells on her own disturbing obsessions. Magically adept but morally questionable. Has the darkest thoughts.

Tsukuyomi’s daughter who was raised in the secluded regions. She thinks of her father as childish. She has an earnest personality that is also heavily prejudiced. She stalks those she thinks are a fitting partner and practices questionable spells daily. Has the most beautiful legs in the army.


  • References to stalking are removed.
  • The most “beautiful legs” quirk was changed to simply “has the darkest thoughts.”

KannaF KannaM


Corrin’s son/daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Loves his/her father more than anyone else and wants to be like him. Usually cheerful, but often feels lonely and cries. Enjoys being a dragon.

Kamui’s child who grew up in the secluded regions. They love Kamui more than anyone else and dreams of becoming like them. Though honest and cheerful, they are actually a lonely crybaby. The one who plays with their Dragonstone the most in the army.


  • Both gendered profiles have been combined above.
  • Playing with their Dragonstone has been changed to enjoying being a dragon.



Azura’s son, raised in the Deeprealms. Like his mother, sings beautifully. Also likes to draw. While mild and kind, he can also be a bit temperamental. Quite fond of heights.

Aqua’s son who grew up in the secluded regions. He sings with a beautiful voice he inherited from his mother and is an artist who is fond of painting. Though he is gentle and kind, he also has the tendency to be moody and does as he pleases. He is the one who is the most fond of high places in the army.



Jakob’s son, raised in the Deeprealms. Doesn’t like work, but might be even more accomplished in the butlery arts than his father (much to Jakob’s chagrin). Has the most hidden talents.

Joker’s son who grew up in the secluded regions. He usually finds something to trifle with his father about. He has an apathetic and lazy attitude toward life, with his motto being “work in order to rest”. He is fairly skilled with butler duties and martial arts. He is the one with the most hidden talents in the army.


  • Some of the details are pretty different. In English, he dislikes work which implies the laziness and apathy, but sounds like it may just be limited to his work rather than his generally lethargic self.
  • Reference to being better than his father is not mentioned, though quarreling is.



Silas’s daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Practices hard to be a great knight like her father, but her horse, Avel, just won’t listen to her. Eternally optimistic regardless. Often talks to herself.

Cyrus’s daughter who grew up in the secluded regions. She dreams of becoming a respectable knight like her father. She is a cheerful and an optimistic hard worker. Her favorite horse Avel, however, does not think as fondly as her, and so trouble arises wherever the two go. She is the one who talks to herself the most in the army.



Kaze’s daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Bright, enthusiastic, and well mannered, she enjoys inventing and brewing medicines in her free time. Has the sharpest sense of taste in the army.

Suzukaze’s daughter who grew up in the secluded regions. She loves to brag about how kind her father is. She is polite and capable, and follows the instructions of other adults diligently. Her hobby consists of concocting elixirs, and is a researcher with boundless curiosity. She has the sharpest sense of taste in the army.


  • References to boasting about her father are gone.
  • References to “follows the instructions of other adults diligently” were likely removed in order to better “age” her character as to avoid awkwardness/controversy.



Xander’s son, raised in the Deeprealms. Feels inferior to his accomplished father. Educated in many disciplines, but has trouble saying no and gets pushed around because of it. Has the best teeth.

Marx’s son who was raised in the secluded regions. He feels inferior due to his father’s greatness. He’s a good-natured and elegant prince and an elite with all manners of education drilled into his head. However, he lacks assertiveness and is easily swayed by others. He is the one with the nicest teeth in the army



Leo’s son, raised in the Deeprealms. Drawn to the healing arts by a sense of duty to help those in need. Loves fashion and sewing. The most sympathetic ear in the army.

Leon’s son who was raised in the secluded regions. He wishes to be recognized by his father. Though his appearance looks feminine, he is a male through and through. He loves to make clothes, and wears clothes that have no real gender distinction. He has the greatest dislike for blood in the army.


  • As you can see, the Japanese makes sure to emphasize the gendered traits a little more (from “male through and through” to “clothes that have no real gender distinction.”
  • His quirk for disliking blood became the most sympathetic ear. Perhaps they thought it odd for him to even fight in the first place if he dislikes blood?



Benny’s son, raised in the Deeprealms. Wishes he wasn’t so weak willed. Treasures the charm his father made to protect him. Much kinder than he looks. Afraid of ghosts and bugs.

Benoit’s son who was raised in the secluded regions. He treasures his father’s home made charm. Though he looks tough and scary, he is a kind man who seeks to change his weak personality. He loves cute things, but hates ghosts and bugs. He is the one who chatters the most in the army.


  • His chattering quirk became what was described before it, being afraid of “ghosts and bugs.”



Keaton’s daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Loves her father, maybe too much. Doesn’t express her other feelings well. Picks up everything she finds and keeps much of it. Has the messiest room.

Flannel’s daughter who was raised in the secluded regions. She loves her father to the point it is an obsession. She has a quiet personality with feelings that fluctuate a little. She has the habit of picking up random things left on the ground and treasuring the ones she likes. The one with the messiest room in the army.



Arthur’s son, raised in the Deeprealms. Dreams of becoming a hero like his father, and trains day and night with his dragon, Ace. An earnest, sweet young man. Has astonishingly good luck.

Harold’s son who was raised in the secluded regions. He dreams of becoming a hero like his father. He trains day and night with his partner, Michelle. He has a frank and innocent personality and an insane amount of luck. The one who sees the most shooting stars in the army.


  • “Sees the most shooting stars” was translated into “astonishingly good luck.” Both do mean the same thing, though the Japanese was more indirect about it.
  • Ace is the localized name for Michelle/Michal, his wyvern/dragon.



Odin’s daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Aspires to be a “chosen one” like her father. A dreamer, she has a strong spiritual connection to stars and stones. The best in the army at skipping.

Odin’s daughter who was raised in the secluded regions. She thinks her father is a “Chosen One” and hopes that she herself may be one. She’s a dreamer who is allured by stars, gems, and other mystical things. She is the best at skipping in the army.


  • It is strange that the English version usually does not state “in the army” or comparing to the army, yet does for her profile quirk.



Laslow’s daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. She is cheerful, is athletic, and adores cute things. She is also a relentless flirt with girls, though she is also attracted to men. The worst singer.

Lazward’s daughter who was raised in the secluded regions. Her father is very dear to her, and she wishes to protect him. She is cheerful and energetic, and has incredible reflexes. Though she is a girl herself, she is fond of other cute girls, and unabashedly flirts with them. She is the worst singer in the army.


  • The localized profile goes out of its way to mention “also attracted to men,” which was not existent in the Japanese profile (which instead emphasized her strange quirk of flirting with other girls). This may be due to being the subject of an unnecessary controversy.



Niles’s estranged daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. She is a devoted daydreamer and voyeur, especially when she sees two men together. The worst at talking to members of the opposite sex.

Zero’s daughter who was raised in the Secluded Regions. She does not think fondly of her father. She is normally intelligent, cool, and composed, but has the peculiar trait of dreaming up all sorts of fantasies when she sees two men together. The worst at talking to the opposite sex in the army.


  • References to thinking negatively of her father are missing.



Hoshidan strategist and retainer to the late Mikoto. He is mild and serious, but extremely diligent in his work. Likes to read and make gadgets in his spare time. Keeps accidentally breaking his glasses.

A tactician of Hoshido. Mikoto’s subordinate. He was born into nobility and his father was a tactician too. He is kind, gentle, and serious. However, he also has a stricter side that refuses to compromise. His hobbies are reading and developing mechanisms. He is the one whose glasses break the most in the army.


  • His Japanese profile says a lot more about him. Considering he is one of the characters with a single support, it is rather important for his development/understanding him as a character.



Archduke of Izumo. Descended from a divine dragon, he is precognitive. Much more relaxed than his appearance suggests, and often surprises his guests. Largest vocabulary in the army.

The Ruler of the Principality of Izumo. He is a descendant of the First Dragons with the power to predict the future. Contrary to what one would expect, he is a cheerful and upbeat man which often surprises his guests. Though he is usually rather goofy, he is actually quite sharp. He can speak the most languages in the army.


  • The “most language” quirk has simply been changed to “largest vocabulary.” I wonder why?
  • For being the dead horse of localization changes, his profile changes are surprisingly tame.



The leader of a group of thieves in Nohr. Formerly of the sacked city of Kohga in Hoshido. Trained to serve the royal family as a ninja, but forced to survive as a thief. Great at long-distance swimming.

The leader of a gang of thieves in Nohr. He is from the now defunct Kouga Country which was in Hoshido. Though he is a shinobi that is supposed to be serving a Lord, he was expelled from the country and became disguised as a bandit. His personality may seem aloof, but he really is kind at heart. He is the best long-distance swimmer in the army.


  • A lot is left unsaid from his Japanese profile.



Chief of the Wind Tribe and friend of the late King Sumeragi. He is known as a wise leader and brave soldier. Judges others by their abilities and acumen. Children adore him.

Chief of the Wind Tribe in Hoshido. He is the late King Sumeragi’s close friend. He is a brave veteran who radiates the aura of a stalwart warrior. He uses his opponent’s strength to determine their character and ability. He is the most loved by children in the army.



A Nohrian knight of middling birth who reached his rank on talent and discipline. He now serves as Corrin’s retainer. He is exceedingly hard on himself and others. Has no sense of humor.

A knight of Nohr who serves Kamui. Though born a commoner, he became a royal knight through his skill. He’s strict with others and a no-nonsense person. His stamina is remarkable for his age, considering he is the last one to run out of breath in the army.


  • His quirk on impressive stamina for his age was substituted for the previous line that mentions “no-nonsense” (or, no “sense of humor”).



A Hoshidan knight who served the late Mikoto. She is mature, gentle, and elegant, but has an unnerving obsession with death and the causing thereof. The best listener in the army.

A royal guard of Hoshido. Mikoto’s subordinate. She’s the daughter of a notable lord. Though she seems like a gentle and serene woman, she has a lust for battle and enjoys the sounds of her enemies being cut down. She was a real beauty in her youth. She is the best listener in the army.



A hearty resistance fighter from Cheve. Born to a family of knights, but organized a resistance when she couldn’t tolerate Nohrian oppression any longer. Likes shiny things more than anyone else.

A rebel of Chevalier. Born to a line of knights. Planned a rebellion due to being unable to bear Nohr’s rule any longer. She has great combat skill and a lively personality. She loves decorating her weapons and armor to look cute. The one who likes shiny things most in the army.


  • Her weapon decorating personality trait is omitted.



A merchant who travels the world. Her many identical sisters do the same thing. Charismatic and curious, but completely obsessed with wealth. Has more side jobs than anyone in the army.

A merchant who travels all over the world. She has a big group of sisters who share the same name and face who are also merchants that travel to various countries. Though she has a sociable and generally favorable personality, she will go out of her way to do things for money. The one with the most side jobs in the army.



Along with her twin sister, Felicia, one of Corrin’s Ice Tribe retainers. She is an excellent and thoughtful maid, unlike her sister, but also tends to overthink things. Surprisingly jealous.

From the Ice Clan in Nohr. Daughter of the chief, and Felicia’s older twin sister. She performs her role as Kamui’s servant diligently. Though she has a kind and caring personality, she also has a very serious side that deeply thinks about all matters. She is the one who gets the strongest feelings of jealousy in the army.


  • Like Felicia, mentions of being the daughter of the clan chief are missing.

Conclusion/Overall Impression:

Keeping in mind that localization had very tight space to work with, I’m fine with many of the profile decisions they made. It is inevitable that lesser traits are cut for the more important ones in that limited space they had. An unfortunate side effect, especially for characters without much else to work with (such as Scarlet), is that these characters get even less developed/explored than they already are. There is a lot more you can say in Japanese within very little space.

Some of the quirk changes are odd, such as Forrest’s disdain for blood being made a sympathetic ear. Most of them make sense, and many of them are direct. So it makes the few changed ones even stranger to see.

For the most part, the profiles carried over quite well!

In the end, as usual, we will never truly know the reason behind some changes, as interested as I would be to find out!


Phew! That’s that. Another macro-post done. This one took a little longer since I feel ill between my last comparison post and this one.

What do you think of these profiles and the changes? I’d love to hear in the comments below. : )


12 thoughts on “FE Fates Localization: Character Profile Comparisons (ALL)

  1. I should point out that some of the traits you mention being removed, like Nina’s disliking of her father and Scarlet’s habit of decorating her weapons, are still traits that exist in their supports. They just aren’t shown on the profiles anymore.

    • Yep! I didn’t mean to make it sound like they were completely removed from the game at all (sorry if it came off that way), just from the profiles. When I look at these, it is often viewing them as isolated cases, assuming a viewer is only reading the profiles without knowing any of the additional support info and the like, and seeing how it may be taken from that point of view. : )

        • Indeed, it comes down to nuances, as estranged could mean due to circumstances beyond their control too, rather than specifically because of the clashing attitudes. But considering the space they had to work with, it’s fine as it is.

  2. Thanks for your work, again! Love the effort you put into this and your weekly 4Koma translations.

    I’m continually surprised about how close the localization is overall! One thing that caught my eye was Felicia’s ENG version and your comment on it. It’s definitely English that factors in here:

    “…but clumsy and prone to breaking things, which upsets her….”

    The way this is worded, according to normal convention (and my very-possibly skewed English), she laments over being both clumsy and prone to breaking things. However, the way it’s worded leads one to think that she is mainly upset over breaking things.

    Lots of the differences that show up here could be worded better; even though English has less implied meanings, we still have a large vocabulary to mitigate the differences.

    So a suggestion would be:
    “One of Corrin’s Ice Tribe retainers, along with her sister, Flora. A hard worker and skilled combatant, but clumsy and prone to breaking things, which upsets her. The most destructive.”

    “One of Corrin’s retainers, and a scion of the Ice Tribe alongside her sister, Flora. She laments over being clumsy, but makes up with great enthusiasm and fighting skills. The most destructive.”

    Or something to that effect. Scion is a fantastic word that sums up position – it can be overused, but nothing really wrong with that.
    (Clumsy alone can imply accident-prone/prone to breaking things)

    Though the issue then lies with the spacing – it isn’t much (~200 characters including spaces total).

    (WHEW. Sorry. This is a long one.)

    • No worries! I enjoy reading long comments and appreciate the thought that is put into them : ) I really like your rewording there, and indeed, I don’t know the exact character limit of the profiles, but I feel space limitations is really what was, well, limiting! If any of the other profiles are ~200 characters (with spaces), then that means your rewording should be fine : )

      Scion is indeed a word that packs a punch! I can see how the English reading can be taken both ways, too, which was probably their intention.

      Maybe they ought to hire you instead as an editor! xD

  3. Thanks for translating these! I was curious how close the localization was with regards to the personal quirks. I’m glad to see there’s a lot less changes in Fates than with Awakening at least!

    I think Odin’s “Most likely to shout ‘Level up!'” is a reference to Owain’s (localized) quirk from Awakening. I’m not sure about the others, but Rhajat’s “Dark thoughts” was Tharja’s as well.

    Leo’s localized “Objectively loves tomatoes more than anyone else could.” makes me laugh every time. It’s such an odd way to word it XD

    Aww Ryoma’s “He looks up to his late father Sumeragi” just makes me feel sad about chapter 25 of Revelations. Those last couple of chapters were not very nice to Ryoma T__T

    • I think you’re right about Owain/Tharja’s lines coming over to Odin and Rhajat, probably just to deepen the connection.

      Yes, “objectively” is the strangest way to word that one xD

      Yeah… they were pretty hard on him huh? With that in the profile, even more so!

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