Fire Emblem if/Fates 4Koma Kings Bulk Download


I updated my main post with a bulk download link!

It now includes a bulk download for the entirety of the 4Koma Kings book translations, and officially ends this project. : )

Tomorrow I likely will not post anything, as I will be a bit busy with personal things! So there may be a filler post of some sort.


EDIT: Here’s some stats as posted by user Res on

Highest number of appearances, by number of strips (even if they only appeared as a background character):

Lord Corrin 66 Lady Corrin 43 Ryoma 23 Camilla 23 Takumi 20 Hinoka 20 Jakob 20 Sakura 19 Felicia 17 Azura 17 Elise 16 Leo 15 Xander 15 Keaton 14 Kaze 13

Rankings by number of strips where they are the main focus:

Lord Corrin 42 Lady Corrin 28 Jakob 16 Ryoma 13 Felicia 11 Camilla 9 Kaze 9 Azura 8 Xander 8 Rinkah 8 Takumi 7 Saizo 7 Elise 6 Oboro 6 Laslow 6 Kaden 6 Gunter 6 Kana 6 Hayato 6

Least featured characters:

Nina and Sophie; both had 2 background-only appearances.