Rhythm Heaven Megamix Special Comic Translations (5)

Rhythm Heaven Megamix (Rhythm Heaven The Best Plus in Japan) was released a month ago in North America and will be coming to Europe later on.

The game devs had made fun comics relating to the game last June which sourcegaming had translated and I typeset in a collaboration There had been more comics released since then, but none of them were translated (as far as I saw).

I’ll try to translate at least one part a day (though there may be some gaps for Fire Emblem content, especially with the upcoming Tellius Recollection book!). A compilation post will come soon!

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Today’s part: 05 (part 2 of 2)



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  • As one who may be aware of Japanese culture can imagine, the character in question is referred to as “aniki” (あにき), a term used for “big brother” in the gangster sense. In this case, likely yakuza, judging by the character’s demeanor and hairstyle. I translated it as “thug” here as a more general term.