FE PoR: Basic Unit Design (166-167) Translations (1/2)

This post is part of my ongoing translations of the Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Memorial Book: Tellius Recollection (Vol 1). 

This post is of page 166-167, which features concept artworks of generic classes (Knights, Soldiers, Generals, Myrmidons, Fighters, Swordmasters, Thieves, Assassins, Archers, Snipers, and Wyvern Riders). This is two of four of the pages, the other two of which will be posted on an individual post tomorrow. The commentary is translated both on the page and here on this post.

You can find every translation I’ve done on this book so far on the compilation post here!

As you can imagine, the process of doing all this (scanning, editing, translating, etc) takes a lot of time, and I am unemployed…so if you like what I did, then…

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Translated text:

Class Designs

These are designs of generic models for various classes (units). Up through page 169, non-promoted classes are shown on the left, and promoted classes on the right. Male and female models are shown side-by-side for some of the classes as well.

[01] The Knight units [unmounted]. The higher classes are on the right. When they reach the highest rank, they gain a shield. [02] [Armored] Knights. The design of the highest ranking one was used for “The Black Knight” as well. [03] Pegasus Knight (and related) units. The split miniskirt and long knight boots are a series standard in style. [04] Wyvern Riders. The design of their pants are plain in order to allow them to fly wyverns with ease. [05] Archers. You can get a good sense of equipment around their waists. [06] Swordmasters. Their design follows the usual series’ conventions. [07] Myrmidons, or (possibly) Fighters. They use quite a few belts. [08] Thief (male) on the left, and Assassin (male) on the right. The Assassin design is the same as Volke’s. [09] An advanced thief class unit. They feature cloaks that come up to their mouths.


  • To clarify, the “knights (unmounted)” refers to Sword/Lance/Axe Knights (more commonly known as Cavaliers in the English versions of the other games).
  • Most interesting is how there are female designs for classes that never use them (for the enemy).

Japanese text (original):





3 thoughts on “FE PoR: Basic Unit Design (166-167) Translations (1/2)

  1. Considering the people in the uniform has a sword, and that Swordmaster is pictured on the same page, I’m going to guess Myrmidon was designed first, and they decided to re-use the uniform for Fighter.

    Its not that surprising they drew female designs. In Path of Radiance, most models are re-used/shared among unique characters, and generic units. Just with different textures applied. Like Rolf has the same hairstyle, height, and clothes as generic enemy archers, but he has more youthful eyes then the generics who have more adult eyes.

    The Female Myrmidon/Sowrdmaster are similar to Mia’s ingame designs as those classes, while the female Asssassin could be an early design for Heather’s inbattle model.

    On an aside, I’m surprised there’s no female Cavalry/Paladin design as the generic female Paladin look is used fairly often in Path of Radiance. Titania has a unique model however.

    • Yep, that does make sense when you consider the above. A nice way to draw up the “bases” of each model essentially. It is curious about the Cavalry/Paladin indeed though!

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