FE PoR: Elincia Character Profile (P. 58-59) Translation

This post is part of my ongoing translations of the Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Memorial Book: Tellius Recollection (Vol 1). 

This post is a character profile of Elincia (page 58-59). The black bar through the middle is due to the scan, I tried to salvage what I could.

You can find every translation I’ve done on this book so far on the compilation post here!

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Species: Beorc
Class: Queen of Crimea
Affinity: Heaven
Origin: Crimea

Hobby: Embroidery
Talent: Being humble
Finds Important: Those around her
Likes: Peace
Dislikes: War, discrimination
Apparent Age (Designed): 18

Princess of Crimea. As the daughter of the “Wise King” Ramon, she was raised with great care in the royal villa. She gets along especially well with her milk-siblings Lucia and Geoffrey, treating them like her real family.
There were special circumstances regarding her upbringing, namely the fact her existence was kept a secret up until the Daein army’s invasion. This was to avoid any in-fighting due to being born after Prince Renning (the king’s brother) had already been named next in line for the throne. However, Renning –being Elincia’s uncle– loved her just as much as her own father Ramon, and took pity on her situation. It is why when Daein attacked, he ordered her to escape while he rode off to the front lines despite it being a seemingly hopeless battle (whether or not Renning survived the attack is unknown). This unique history became more known when Ashnard’s ambitions forced Elincia to flee to Crimea’s neighboring ally.
One would expect Elincia to be deeply affected by witnessing Ashnard murder her parents before her eyes and take over her homeland –having been a secluded princess prone to naive dreams and idealism that has never experienced how cruel reality can be. However, she showed her stout spirit after fleeing and traveling with Ike and the other mercenaries. It was especially thanks to Mist’s influence that Elincia was able to become more independent and determined. As if it were an embodiment of her powerful spirit and resolve, she donned her great-grandmother’s holy pegasus knight armor. It was upon seeing that gallant, graceful looking figure that Lucia, Geoffrey, Bastian, and the rest of the Crimean Liberation Army’s patriots felt an even greater resolve to save their country.


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