FE PoR: Bastian Character Profile (P. 62) Translation

This post is part of my ongoing translations of the Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Memorial Book: Tellius Recollection (Vol 1). 

This post is a character profile of Bastian (P. 62)

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Species: Beorc
Class: Sage
Affinity: Wind
Origin: Crimea

Hobby: His own special clothes/equipment
Talent: Enjoying any situation
Finds Important: Calm/Composure
Likes: Stylishness, Lucia
Dislikes: Boorish things
Apparent Age (Designed): 25

The influential Count Fayre of Crimea. Trusted retainer to Prince Renning. He is a civil official who works for the prince.
He disguised himself as a street performer during Daein’s occupation. Both his appearance and roundabout way of talking are fitting for a poet, and makes him great at confusing people. From his odd mannerisms, many are quick to assume he has a frivolous personality, however, behind those lie a genius tactician. His friendship with the capable assassin Volke is proof of him having access to a unique information network- -considering even Volke said that Bastian is “well suited to skulking behind the scenes.”
Though he swears allegiance to Elincia as a Crimean retainer, his gaze and focus are more often drawn to Lucia.


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