Pokémon – “Mimikyu’s Song” Lyrics Translation [Localized & Rhyming]

I posted a literal translation of the Mimikyu Song earlier. Then a reader named aria came along and took up my challenge of making it rhyme and flow like a song should in English while keeping to the original meaning.

Check out their twitter here!



Pikachu? Nope, I’m Mimikyu
The lonely and friendless Mimikyu
Sunlight and brightness is what I fear
Shade and darkness is where I’ll appear

Lonely and sad, I just want to have friends
And that’s why I choose to pretend
A Pikachu disguise, does it look good?
I made it myself, weren’t you nearly fooled?
But don’t take it off, oh no, don’t try!
You could get cursed, or worse, even die!

Pikachu? Nope, I’m Mimikyu
A monster? No, I’m just Mimikyu

My claws will protect you from any danger
My thunderbolt will always help my trainer
A loyal Pokemon that will follow you to the end
Come on now, won’t you be my friend?

Pikachu? Nope, I’m Mimikyu
Let’s be friends, I’m Mimikyu!
Pikachu? Nope, it’s Mimikyu
The lonely and friendless Mimikyu

Pikachu? Nope, I’m Mimikyu
A monster? No, I’m just Mimikyu
Pikachu? Nope, I’m Mimikyu
Let’s be friends, I’m Mimikyu!


They did a great job huh? : ) I would’ve thought it was an official write up. A big thank you to them!

If anyone else out there wants to give a shot at making the above rhyme while keeping to the meaning, by all means please do! I would love to see what you could come up with.

(Or even sing the above lyrics! That would be so awesome).

Pokémon – “Mimikyu’s Song” Lyrics Translation [Literal]

Earlier, the Pokémon Company posted a new song featuring Mimikyu (from Sun/Moon).

Like with the Koiking song, I translated the lyrics (literally) below. It is meant to be a rap, so I eventually really want to work on a version that works rhythmically too, and that keeps a few puns. But as that will take a bit longer, I give the literal translation for those curious and want it faster.

The original Japanese lyrics can be found in the video description. (Or below). I added Romaji lyrics below my translation too if interested!

I assume there will be an official English translation that comes out… but that remains to be seen.

UPDATE: A lovely version of the song that flows well in English and rhymes was submitted by a reader named aria, read it here!

UPDATE II: An English version that is singable and goes with the song rhythmically too!

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