FE PoR: Black Knight Character Profile (P. 98) Translation

This post is part of my ongoing translations of the Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Memorial Book: Tellius Recollection (Vol 1). 

This post is a character profile of the Black Knight (P. 98). This is the last character profile!

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Species: Beorc
Age: Unknown
Class: Black Knight
Affinity: Dark
Origin: Unknown

Hobby: Unknown
Talent: Unknown
Finds Important: Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown

The strongest of Daein’s “Four Riders.” His background and history is unknown.
He was Ike’s greatest adversary during the “Mad King’s War.” As both a master swordsman and Ashnard’s right-hand man, he was entrusted with many of Daein’s highest secrets. He is known for being illusive, appearing and disappearing from anywhere on the continent of Tellius.
The Black Knight halted General Petrine’s pursuit of the Greil Mecenaries across the Gallian border. Deep in the woods, under a moonlit night, he alone faced Greil in a duel (it was also at this time he referred to him as “General Gawain, rider of Daein.”) He brandished his weapon and murdered Greil. Ike happened to witness the act, and from then on the Black Knight became his bitter enemy that he sought to defeat. Ranulf later admitted to having seen the Black Knight that same night when traveling with Caineghis.
The Black Knight joined General Mackoya at Port Toha in attempting to thwart Elincia from boarding a ship to Begnion. However, he retreated after he encountered Begnion’s prime minster Sephiran (disguised as a traveling monk). He instead collaborated with and gave orders to his “spy” (revealed to be Nasir) to retrieve the medallion. Afterward, he focused on his mission to abduct Leanne (of Serenes royalty). He achieved his task quite easily using his “warp powder.”
He appeared once again and dueled Ike when the Crimean Liberation Army entered Crimea through Daein. He felt Ike was still too inexperienced, and so the Black Knight left him with advice –to utilize the holy sword Ragnell in order to fight on equal footing.
He had his third duel with Ike right before he was going to “deal with” Ena at Castle Nados. After receiving heavy blows from Ike’s Ragnell, the Black Knight’s armor crumbled (along with the castle). This battle marked the end of the Black Knight’s appearance in the “Mad King’s War.”
When it comes to their fighting capabilities, the Black Knight’s strength easily rivals or even surpasses Ashnard. Equipped with the holy sword Alondite (Ragnell’s companion blade) and invulnerable armor “blessed by the goddess herself,” he boasts extreme offensive and defensive capabilities. His dubious methods of travel has even been commented on by Ashnard, who referred to it as “that arcane powder [he uses] to travel about at will.” The question remains: How did the Black Knight have access to such aberrant equipment? That mystery is answered in the great conflict that was soon to follow.



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