Fire Emblem PoR: Portraits + Mini Profile Translations (2)

This post is part of my ongoing translations of the Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Memorial Book: Tellius Recollection (Vol 1). 

This post is a translation of character portraits (full bodies, the game cuts off sooner) as well as translations of the mini profiles beneath each picture. This is done by request!

There are several more pages that will be posted over the coming days.

You can find every translation I’ve done on this book so far on the compilation post here!

As you can imagine, the process of doing all this (scanning, editing, translating, etc) takes a lot of time, and I am unemployed…so if you like what I did, then…

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114portrait 115portrait

Elincia (Falcon Knight)
Elincia in the clothes of a holy pegasus knight. She wields “Amiti” as an exclusive weapon.

Elincia (Angry)
She is set on fighting on the battlefield, showing that she is ready to help take back her country.

Boyd and Rofl’s older brother. He has a gentle, earnest attitude. He was once a Crimean royal knight.

Duke Tanas and lover of all things beautiful. He was defeated by Ike’s group at Serenes Forest.

King of Gallia. He is a deeply respected wise ruler who wishes for peaceful coexistence with the Beorc. He met Greil long ago.

A general of Daein. He faced Ike’s group while defending the Daein capital with Tauroneo and Ena.

A bandit from Begnion who commands a merchant group. They engage in illegal laguz slave trade.

The only armored knight in the Greil Mercenaries. He is quite frivolous and like a younger brother to Shinon. He is kind to the point of being gullible.

A general of Daein. He battled Ike’s group at Gebal Castle, but was defeated thanks to the sudden appearance of Lethe and Mordecai.

Page 115

A general of Daein who serves Petrine. He intercepted Ike with Shinon at the great wall.

A sage who serves as Tormod’s teacher. She is a self-proclaimed “urbanite”, but is actually from the country side.

A general who serves Duke Tanas. Under Oliver’s orders, he searches for members of the heron tribe.

A frail but gentle, friendly priest. He dislikes fighting, and hates to see blood.

Dheginsea’s son and prince of Goldoa. He wishes to interact with the outside world and for coexistence between laguz and beorc.

Father of Ike and Mist. Once served Daein. Lost his life after facing the Black Knight.

A general of Daein. He tormented Ike’s crew at the Marhaut mountain range.

A royal knight of Crimea who serves Geoffrey. He has a one sided rivalry with Oscar.

Kieran (Helmet):

An unused graphic from the original version. He wore a helmet that resembled the design of an ordinary Crimean soldier.



2 thoughts on “Fire Emblem PoR: Portraits + Mini Profile Translations (2)

  1. Thanks again.

    If I can engage in discussion of several characters:

    * I always wondered why they gave Elincia the inability to use lances, TBH. Would’ve helped her a little.
    * While no new info is given here, Kasatai was a fairly interesting mini-boss. He was confused on why Ashnard wasn’t in Daein, and despite the usual dislike of Laguz, was very loyal to Ena, even upon finding out her Red Dragon heritage.
    * Gashilama was another cool boss. His Berserker model is unique as it wears a fancy colorful shirt+Necklace. Also his dialogue was pretty great, like lamenting the Serenes Massacre, then saying a single Heron would’ve been worth a fortune.
    * Gatrie is like a younger brother to Shinon, interesting comparison.
    * Aside from looking another boss(Rikard), and an odd about how army Generals aren’t supposed to fight in the field, Kamura wasn’t too memorable.
    * Shinon mentioned he disliked Kayachey. I’m not sure if him being a subordinate of Petrine is new.
    * So Kimaarsi regularly went out on searches for Herons, or does it mean he went out to retrieve Reyson, and Leanne?
    * Gromell is infamous in the fandom for using Bolt Axe(an equally infamous weapon), his 16 magic was fairly good for an axe user, but was nothing compared to anyone with a decent resistance. Gromell had resolve, one of the best skills in the game, however it does NOT boost magic, which is what he needed. FInally Gromell could be killed by his boulder pushing subordinates.
    * I’m pretty sure thats the helmet graphic thats used within the game, currently.

    • -Yeah, that’s a good point about Elincia…
      -I think for Kimaarsi he was probably sent on regular searches, considering you defeat him on the level before you chase Oliver to the level itself…
      -Yes, I couldn’t find any differences myself for the helmet one. So I don’t know why it says unused. The last thing I can think of is perhaps he was originally going to have the helmet on full time…

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