Fire Emblem PoR: Portraits + Mini Profile Translations (4)

This post is part of my ongoing translations of the Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Memorial Book: Tellius Recollection (Vol 1). 

This post is a translation of character portraits (full bodies, the game cuts off sooner) as well as translations of the mini profiles beneath each picture. This is done by request!

There are several more pages that will be posted over the coming days.

You can find every translation I’ve done on this book so far on the compilation post here!

As you can imagine, the process of doing all this (scanning, editing, translating, etc) takes a lot of time, and I am unemployed…so if you like what I did, then…

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119portrait 120portrait

Soren (Unused)
An unused graphic from the original version. He gives off an impression of one who does not let others get too close to him.

The prime minister of Begnion. He always has the good of his people on his mind and Sanaki’s deepest trust.

Sephiran (Cloak)
How he appeared as a prisoner in Castle Canteus.

Sephiran’s trusted friend, and a general of Begnion renowned for his swordsmanship.

A swordsman with the blood of both laguz and beorc –known as a branded. He wields the “Vague Katti” –notorious for its difficulty to use.

A chief vassal of Daein. He opposed Ashnard, and surrendered to Ike (the son of his old friend) and the Crimean Liberation Army.

A general of Daein. He is executed by Petrine after he fails to capture Elincia during a surprise attack on the Mercenaries’ Fort.

A member of the Merchant Carvan that mans the Forge. Jorge’s older twin brother.

Vice-captain of Begnion’s Holy Guard. She is a serious woman who is quite strict. Her subordinates refer to her as the “Great Demon” and fear her.

Page 119

An unused graphic from the original version. She holds no weapon and gives off a more maternal vibe.

An officier of Daein. He stood guard at Castle Canteus, which was used as a prison camp. He was defeated when Ike’s group came to rescue the prisoners.

A halberdier who appears to be a traveling street performer. He loves to bring smiles to people’s faces. He speaks in an unusual manner.

A farmer turned militiaman who joined the Crimean Liberation Army. He has a carefree attitude that fits his appearance.

A mercenary swordsman from Daein. Was once in love with a laguz, but they were separated when she died.

Zihark (Unused)
An unused graphic from the original version. It’s a front-view shot that shows more of his face.

Vice-captain of the Greil Mercenaries. She is both like an older sister and mother to Mist and Ike.

Titania (Unused)
An unused graphic from the original version. She holds no weapon and gives off a more maternal vibe.

King of Phoenicis. A hawk with impressive physique, he is deeply trusted by his subjects.

The Black Dragon King of Goldoa, the land of dragons. He is one of the powerful “Three Heroes” blessed by the Goddess Ashera.

Page 120

The boy who calls himself leader of the Laguz Emancipation Army. He has a strong bond with Muarim.

Tormod (Cloak)
His entire body is hidden behind the cloak here.

Head priest at Palmeni Temple. He was taken hostage by Schaeffer when Ike attacked.

A young (?) white dragon. He works as a double agent for Gallia and Daein for the sake of his granddaughter Ena.

The “old-timer” who serves Naesala. He is proud to have cared for Naesala since he was an infant. He understands the ancient tongue.

The bird-tribe Raven King of Kilvas. Both sly and shrewd, he always follows what is more convenient for him at the time.

A pirate who has a base off the coast of Gallia. He calls himself a “sea scallywag.”

A militiawoman from the same village as Brom. She is self-conscious of her country accent and so speaks very little in order to hide it.

A general of Daein charged with finding information on Elincia’s whereabouts. He relies on the Kilvas pirates to inform him as to which ship to attack.




10 thoughts on “Fire Emblem PoR: Portraits + Mini Profile Translations (4)

  1. * Nealuchi: Funfact has unused growths within the game.
    * Nedata: So his base is in Gallia, I always figured he was just traveling the area at the time. Fandom note, many people mistook him for a recruitable character.

      • * Several other characters have growths too, including characters like Petrine, Lekain, and Ashnard. Only Nealuchi, and Leanne have escape quotes, indicating they’d be playable.
        * Fans mistook Nedata for a recruitable unit because:
        ** He just kind of walks in the map unlike the other mini bosses.
        ** The game lacked a Brigand/Pirate character, and all the previous GBA installments had one obtainable.
        ** There were also no other axe infantry units.
        ** Nedata was depicted as comedic, and moderately sympathetic.

                  • Lets see:

                    * Its revealed all of Ike’s accomplishments were really done by some player created guy called the Avatar who chose to let Ike take the credit(New Mystery refernece).
                    * Every female character is now datable.
                    * Kyza is removed.
                    * The story goes out of its way to establish Ike as heterosexual
                    * Largo, and Calill don’t become a couple, because Calill needs to be available to Waifu.
                    * Anna, with the Awakening personality, becomes a playable character.

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