Fire Emblem PoR: Portraits + Mini Profile Translations (Final)

This post is part of my ongoing translations of the Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Memorial Book: Tellius Recollection (Vol 1). 

This post is a translation of character portraits (full bodies, the game cuts off sooner) as well as translations of the mini profiles beneath each picture. This is done by request!

This is the final batch!

You can find every translation I’ve done on this book so far on the compilation post here!

As you can imagine, the process of doing all this (scanning, editing, translating, etc) takes a lot of time, and I am unemployed…so if you like what I did, then…

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120portrait 121portrait 122portrait 123portrait 124portrait 125portrait 126portrait 127portrait

A general of Daein and the Black Knight’s subordinate. He fought the Crimean army at Nados Castle.

A general of Daein and Petrine’s subordinate. He was ready to face Ike’s group at Fort Meritenne.

A wyvern rider who works under Shiharam. He is rather lazy, and can nap peacefully even on the battlefield.

A Crimean pirate. He occupied Port Talma. He attempted to force Marcia to pay up her brother Makalov’s debt.

An assassin who works for money rather than out of loyalty. He is also known as the “Fireman.” He made a secret arrangement with Greil long ago.

Volke (Class Change)
His appearance after he changes to an assassin. He wears a veil to conceal his face.

One of the “Four Riders.” He is of a warrior family that has served Daein for generations. He was a major threat to Ike, being the wielder of the holy lance “Wishblade.”

One of Daein’s “Four Riders.” She is a knight who skillfully wields the “Flame Lance” and swears absolute loyalty to Ashnard.

One of Daein’s “Four Riders.” He is a renowned warrior who wields the cursed “Runesword.” He is always concealed in his helmet and armor so his true appearance is unknown.

Page 122

A member of Begnion’s senate and duke of Asmin. He holds Sanaki’s trust due to being of the more moderate faction of senators.

A general of Daein and Petrine’s subordinate. He intercepted Ike at the Daein border alongside Naesala.

Oscar’s younger brother and Rolf’s older brother. A little dense and straightforward, he makes a good rival for Ike.

An officer of Daein. He encountered Ike’s group on a road in western Crimea. His speech and mannerisms appeared quite arrogant.

A knight from Begnion and Marcia’s older brother. He loves to gamble. The debt he works up brings nothing but pain to his sister.

A general of Daein. He occupied Port Toha and commanded his troops to hunt down survivors of the Crimean army.

A member of the Holy Pegasus Knights that deserted in order to find her brother. Her brother’s foolishness drives her crazy.

Marcia (Unused)
An unused graphic from the original version. Her facial structure and clothes

This slideshow could not be started. Try refreshing the page or viewing it in another browser.

is different.

Ike’s younger sister. She has a bronze medallion which is an important memento from her late-mother. She keeps it close to her at all times.

Page 123

Mist (Tense)
She has a hard time watching the mercenaries go off to battle. Both her hands are joined together in front of her chest to help withstand the anxiety.

Mist (Sad)
Even the usually chipper Mist has her sad moments. Her saddened expression leaves a deep impression on the viewer.

Leader of the Merchant Caravan, he runs the armory.

A young laguz who deeply trusts Tormod. He was a slave to the Bengion senate in the past.

Lethe’s subordinate. He has a gentle personality which dislikes fighting. He speaks in broken sentences as he has trouble with the language of the beorc.

Tibarn’s trusted retainer who can gaze long distances with his “Insight.” He looks like a young boy due to being a hawk of small stature.

Prince Renning of Crimea’s confidant. Count Fayre. He pretends to be a wandering performer. He has a special older sister/younger brother relationship with Lucia.

Oscar and Boyd’s younger brother. The youngest member of the Greil Mercenaries. He admires Shinon, who is his instructor in archery.

A warrior of Gallia. He has a lighthearted and friendly personality which helps him build a deep relationship with Ike after their first encounter. He joins the Crimean Liberation Army under Caineghis’s orders.

Page 124

A member of the Merchant Caravan who runs the shop.She loves to hold Ike’s hand whenever she can.

In love with Calill. He is a self-proclaimed “world-class berserker.” After the war he fulfills his dream to open a pub with Calill.

A general of Daein. He hindered Ike’s group at Castle Delbray.

The prince of the lands ravaged by Begnion: Serenes. Leanne’s older brother. He is sheltered by Pheonicis.

Vice-chairman of the Begnion senate, duke of Gaddos. An amazing fact is that he was to be Astrid’s husband (which caused her to flee).

A master swordswoman and head of Elincia’s bodyguard. She and Geoffrey both treat Elincia like their own sibling.

A warrior of Gallia. She is very open about her hatred toward the beorc. Her meeting with Ike begins to gradually change her views.

Tibarn’s subordinate. He was charged with looking after Leanne, but was murdered by the Black Knight.

A myrmidon employed by Crimea. She was captured by the Daein army, She was rescued from the prison camp she was held in by Greil.


Woman 1
Woman 2
Older Woman 1
Older Woman 2
Old Lady
Man 1
Man 2
Servant 1
Servant 2
Begnion Official

Gallia Woman
Gallia Tiger
Gallia Cat
Goldoa Soldier
Kilvas Soldier
Pegasus Knight
Begnion Soldier 1
Begnion Soldier 2
Crimea Soldier
Daein Soldier 1
Daein Soldier 2
Daein Soldier 3

Norris’s Subordinate
Old Man
Older Man 1
Older Man 2
Older Man 3
Mordecai (Hood)
Lethe (Hood)
Ranulf (Hood)
Ranulf (Hood/Exposed)


4 thoughts on “Fire Emblem PoR: Portraits + Mini Profile Translations (Final)

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  2. * Tomenami: Forgot to mention this last time, but he’s the only character in the entirety of the game to lack a unique palette. He just uses the generic Daein bishop colors of a black uniform, and red hair, contrasting with his brown hair, and white uniform.
    * Hafedd: Another honorable antagonist.
    * Havetti: So he’s from Crimea, good to know. I wonder why he held the thief band.
    * Bryce: Still don’t get why he has no official artwork. Least his portrait is really cool.
    * Petrine: Wasn’t it confirmed she had tiger ancestry?
    * Homasa: Many speculate on his resemblance to Stefan, who he does share a unique conversation with.
    * Majin: His outfit resembles the cavalry uniform more then the Armor Knight one.
    * Rikard: most of his quotes mention his desire for fame.
    * Lotz: Like Nedata, you’d think he’d be playable, but he was kinda of a red herring.

    I’ll even do some comments on the generics:

    * Begnion Soldier 2+Daein Soldier 2: Though not noted, their uniform is Cavalry uniform, instead of the soldier uniform.
    * Daein Soldier 3: Is wearing the Paladin class uniform. Seemingly the only Paladin portrait goes to Daein.

    Though their absence isn’t a big deal, the book is missing a few “Build a Bandit” portraits.

    Like this fellow, one of Nedata’s men. There might also be missing “Build a Villager” portraits.

    • -Havetti: In Japanese, the title for thief is rather close to bandit, so can sort of be used for all of them, I guess? xD
      -Petrine: Yep! On her full profile page.
      -Homasa: I remember this too! Stefan always destroys him. xD
      -Lotz was one of the strangest add ons there. xD

      • – True, its just kinda surprising as all the other band holders are major characters.
        – Gotcha.
        – Stefan is pretty absurd, guess he had to be for how obtuse his recruitment was.
        -I feel bad for Lotz, but his death serves a narrative purpose, I think.

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