Fire Emblem RD: All Character Ages (Tellius Recollection Vol. 2)

This post is part of my ongoing translations of the Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Memorial Book: Tellius Recollection (Vol 2). 

This post is a list of all the character ages in Radiant Dawn.

You can find every translation I’ve done on this book so far on the compilation post here!

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Every age is apparent age unless marked with an “A.”

Apparent Age:

According to the book, the “designed appearance age” (literal translation) is just the sort of appearance they were designed to have with a relative age. They are not absolute age.

A = Absolute/Actual:

This refers to the confirmed age. Only a few characters have this mark.

Regarding Laguz…

The book explains these are the Laguz age-of-appearance in human terms, as Laguz have different life spans to humans. This is by no means anywhere near their actual ages may be.

The Ages:

Name Age Name Age
Micaiah 15 Sothe 17
Edward 15 Leonardo 16
Nolan 34 Laura 17
Aran 22 Tauroneo 54
Zihark 25 Fiona 20
Jill 20 Haar 37
Black Knight ?? Izuka 63
Pelleas 19 Almedha 26
Elincia 21 Lucia 25
Geoffrey 24 Bastian 27
Renning 42 Ilyana 19
Kieran 23 Marcia 21
Makalov 23 Astrid 21
Brom 41 Meg 16
Nephenee 22 Heather 27
Calill 26 Danved 35
Sanaki 13 A Sephiran 28
Zelgius 26 Sigrun 28
Tanith 27 Stefan 29
Tormod 16 Jarod ??
Lekain 51 Hetzel 64
Oliver 40 Ike 20 A
Mist 18 A Titania 33
Soren 16 Rhys 26
Gatrie 28 Shinon 30 A
Oscar 24 A Boyd 21 A
Rolf 15 Mia 20
Volke 36 Caineghis 45
Skrimir 25 Giffca 46
Ranulf 23 Kyza 19
Lyre 18 Lethe 18
Mordecai 20 Tibarn 30
Ulki 30 Janaff 30
Naesala 25 Nealuchi 76
Reyson 22 Leanne 18
Rafiel 24 Nailah 31
Volug 21 Dheginsea 50
Kurthnaga 17 Gareth 35
Ena 18 Nasir 32
Ashera ?? Yune ??

That’s that for the character ages! Look forward to more in the coming days. If you have any specific requests from the book, please feel free to say so!


19 thoughts on “Fire Emblem RD: All Character Ages (Tellius Recollection Vol. 2)

  1. Hold up.

    Soren is actually (estimated to be) around Ike’s age, which would make him at least 19/20 in Radiant Dawn.

    Not to mention that unless we’re going with the fact that laguz age REALLY SLOWLY, Almedhea should be at least 37/38 if we assume she had Soren as a young adult and he’s around 19/20, like I said.

    • The ages on laguz are all “apparent age,” so don’t really reflect their actual age (in terms of how long they have been alive). Their ages are written as they idealized them looking in human years.

      For Soren though, it may be the book’s mistake (as you can see they got Oscar’s a little strange), or perhaps his status as branded messes with aging too. Regardless, his age too is “apparent” and not true, with only a few characters (marked with “A”) being “actual” age.

      I hope that makes sense!

  2. It’s not official by any means but I’ve done the math and if you assume Micaiah was just born or otherwise a young baby when Misaha was assassinated (which I think Lekain confirms in-game) then she’s 23 at the time RD takes place! I used the timeline available on serenes. I feel like that makes sense, as the apostle line’s laguz blood is probably so diluted after 800 years that I doubt they live much longer than a normal beorc, so Micaiah *is* a lot older than she looks, taking the maturity gap between 15 and 23 into consideration.

    • I’d love to see the thought process/step by step behind that too! Very true too, that a gap between 23 and 15 would be quite noticeable, where as most may assume she means like… 70 and 15 xD

      I don’t recall Lekain mentioning that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. May be worth digging into the script just to make sure, but logically it makes sense anyway. : )

  3. Thoughts on character ages:

    – No idea on why the cast aren’t one year older.
    -Duke “Oliver” Tanas: 40 sounds about right, thought I expected ten years older for some reason.
    -Aran And Laura: Surprised there’s a 5 year age difference.
    -Jarod: Given they listed the other villains, I’m surprised they didn’t list his. I’ll say 26.
    -Hetzel: imagined him to be 70, but that works.
    -Kurthnaga: Thought he’d be 13.

    I think a better way to say the Laguz ages is thats their age proportionally. Like Laguz years to Beorc years.

  4. I hate to be that guy, but in Path of Radiance Oscar is 24 years old so wouldn’t he be 27 in this game and not 24 again? Sorry I just had to say something! 🙂

  5. Is it possible that they got Ike and Mist’s (also Oscar’s?) ages wrong? Because a year is very strongly implied/visually shown to have passed in Path of Radiance, so he should be listed as 21, not 20. Especially because Mist was 15 in FE9 and they just forgot? Which, whoops.

    • Yes, it is very strange. A year in Path of Radiance, then three years since then, it doesn’t add up with what they said in FE9… but that’s what the book says. So either a mistake on them transcribing it, or the designs didn’t have the years’ gap in mind.

    • Actually yes a year does pass in Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, however, Radiant Dawn takes place 3 years from the BEGINNING of Path of Radiance. So Ike is admitted into his father’s band of mercenaries, presumably right when he turns 17, and then Ike defeats Daein a year later which makes him 17 the entire time. Also, if you pay attention to the dates in both games it would tell you that Path of Radiance takes place from Spring 645 to Spring 646 and Radiant Dawn starts from Summer 648 to some Winter date obviously cuz in the last chapter it is snowing (I’d say it ends just before Spring 649 since Radiant Dawn is not an entire year long). so if Ike is 17 during Spring 645 to Spring 646 then he must’ve turned 20 in Spring 648 and Radiant Dawn starts a season later in Summer 648.

      • Oh okay, here I thought Radiant Dawn took place from the end, must have forgot. Either way, the issue with ages is more for people like Oscar. xD As you saw

        • No worries! Thanks so much for translating! There have always been Radiant Dawn age controversies cuz of the fact that Path of Radiance took place over a year and I figured I’d put it to rest by informing everyone on the dates and that FE10 certainly does start its story 3 years since the beginning of the Mad King’s War (the invasion of Crimea and death of King Ramon). The dates do in fact confirm if Ike is 17 in FE9 then he is 20 in FE10. All dates are confirmed in the game except they never tell you the date of when FE10 ends, but the epilogue shows snow so I would assume it ends in Winter 649 (3 quarters of a year after its beginning). I used to look it up and I play these 2 games annually so I concluded that if Ike truly is 17 in FE9, like the previous book confirms, then he has to be 20 in FE10, like this book confirms. The Oscar age mishap must’ve just been a silly error on the creators side, we know he is 27.

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