Fire Emblem RD: New Character Personal Data (Tellius Recollection Vol. 2)

This post is part of my ongoing translations of the Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Memorial Book: Tellius Recollection (Vol 2). 

This post is a list of the new character Personal Data in Radiant Dawn. You will find fun little pieces of trivia on character hobbies, talents, and more.

Note: Hardly any character in this book had much in their personal data. I only listed the new ones that do. All characters from Path of Radiance (minus Sothe) did not have any new personal data. Those can all be found from the Vulume 1 post here.

You can find every translation I’ve done on this book so far on the compilation post here!

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Species: Beorc or Laguz
Age: If there is a confirmed age, it is listed here, otherwise missing.
Class: Character class, or, if an NPC, their title in game
Affinity: Elemental affinity
Origin: Where they are from

Hobby: Character hobby
Talent: Character talent/special skill
Finds Important: What they find important
Likes: Their likes
Dislikes: Their dislikes
Apparent age (if no age is listed above, this is the age they were designed to look like, though not set in stone)

Below is a description from the book regarding the above:

Personal Data

The top block contains “Race/Class/Affinity/Origin.” This is information that can be found in game. Character ages that had been confirmed (at the start of Path of Radiance) are also noted. “Apparent Designed Ages” are ages that were noted in design documents as a rough approximation of how old a character appears, but are by no means an absolute age for the character.

The bottom block contains “Hobby/Talent/Finds Important/Likes/Dislikes” of a character. These are all taken from design documents of the characters themselves. As such, they may contain information that is not really in the main game itself, or include slight differences [from the final product]. Do not assume the profiles to be absolute, either. It is more that we wished to capture a broad “essence” of a character [rather than set it in stone]. For example, in Ike’s case, he may love meat, but there could be days where he wants to eat fish too. Likewise, though his father is dear family to him, there are times where he may disagree or feel frustrated by him.


  • For those marked *, the book explains these are the Laguz age-of-appearance in human terms, as Laguz have different life spans to humans. This is by no means anywhere near their actual ages may be.


Species: Beorc
Class: Light Mage > Light Sage > Priestess/Shaman
Affinity: Dark
Origin: Begnion
Apparent Age: 15

Hobby: Feeling the wind blow
Talent: Divine intuition
Finds Important: Sothe, Friends, Fatherland
Likes: Good intentions, Fruit
Dislikes: Evil intentions, Meat


Species: Beorc
Class: Rogue > Whisper
Affinity: Wind
Origin: Daein
Apparent Age: 17

Hobby: Tending to his equipment
Talent: Woodcraft
Finds Important: Micaiah
Likes: His well-maintained dagger
Dislikes: Nobles, People who interfere in others’ affairs


Species: Beorc
Class: Myrmidon > Swordmaster > Trueblade
Affinity: Light
Origin: Daein
Apparent Age: 15

Hobby: Going for walks
Talent: Handstands (and moving while doing so)
Finds Important: Friends
Likes: Eating, Sleeping
Dislikes: Not knowing what to do


Species: Beorc
Class: Archer > Sniper > Marksman
Affinity: Water
Origin: Daein
Apparent Age: 16

Hobby: Reading
Talent: Cleaning
Finds Important: Friends, Health
Likes: Cleanliness
Dislikes: Filthiness, Bugs


Species: Beorc
Class: Fighter > Warrior > Reaver
Affinity: Earth
Origin: Daein
Apparent Age: 34

Hobby: Reading (Craving knowledge)
Talent: Ability to adapt
Finds Important: Being relaxed
Likes: Living comfortably
Dislikes: Comrades who only think about themselves


Species: Laguz
Class: Heron
Affinity: Heaven
Origin: Serenes
Apparent Age: 24*

Hobby: Conversing with nature
Talent: Music (Singing, Instruments, etc)
Finds Important: Finding the good in everyone
Likes: Strong, noble spirits
Dislikes: Feeble/spineless people


Species: Laguz
Class: Wolf Queen
Affinity: Wind
Origin: Hatari
Apparent Age: 31*

Hobby: Braiding Rafiel’s hair
Talent: Not having a weak point
Finds Important: Pride as a Queen
Likes: Beautiful things
Dislikes: Feeble/spineless people

And that’s all the new ones. I’ll update later with the rest of the basic info on profiles. I will be making a separate post that deals with all character ages next.


3 thoughts on “Fire Emblem RD: New Character Personal Data (Tellius Recollection Vol. 2)

  1. What, seriously, that’s it? Not even Skrimir? Pelleas? So disappointing. Did they really not care as much about the characters Does it have something to do with not having support conversations?
    Oh well. There’s still some good stuff here.
    Micaiah doesn’t like meat . . . now I can’t stop thinking about her and Ike having an argument about this . . . XD

    • Nope… Skrimir and Pelleas both have the basic profiles, none of the extras… they still have character descriptions, but at a glance it doesn’t offer anything new. We’ll see when I get to in-depth profile translations though.

      Yeah, Micaiah seems to be his opposite in that sense for sure xD

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