FE RD: Micaiah Character Profile (P. 42) Translation

This post is part of my ongoing translations of the Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Memorial Book: Tellius Recollection (Vol 2). 

This post features Micaiah’s character profile. Being a main character, it is lengthier than most, as expected.

You can find every translation I’ve done on this book so far on the compilation post here!

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Species: Beorc
Class: Light Mage > Light Sage > Light Priestess
Affinity: Dark
Origin: Begnion
Apparent Age: 15

Hobby: Feeling the wind blow
Talent: Divine intuition
Finds Important: Sothe, Friends, Fatherland
Likes: Good intentions, Fruit
Dislikes: Evil intentions, Meat

The Light Mage known as the “Silver Haired Maiden.” As the nickname implies, she has long, lustrous silver hair and wears long gloves that cover both her arms. She has mysterious abilities such as sensing impending danger and being able to heal others by transferring their pain onto herself instead.
Three years ago, Begnion took control of Daein after the latter country was defeated in the Mad King’s War. Micaiah witnessed Begnion’s tyranny and oppression of the people and, in order to save them, joined the “Dawn Brigade.”

From her conversations with Muarim, Vika, and Prince Pelleas, Micaiah is shown to not be beorc at all, rather, she is one of the “branded.” Her “brand” is located on her right arm, covered by her glove. She appears younger than she actually is, which is why she still treats Sothe as if he were her little brother.
As she used her unique powers to assist in Daein’s restoration, her reputation and support grew among the citizenry, where she eventually came to be known as the “Maiden of Dawn.” However, with the increase in fame, she became frightened by the thought of people finding out about her true nature. But, with so many people relying on her, and especially due to Sothe’s continued support, she kept her fears under wraps and continued to fight out of love for her motherland.

With Yune’s guidance, it was revealed she had the power to sing the “Galdrar of Release” –an ability known to be used only by Begnion’s apostles. It was through this that Micaiah was revealed to be the granddaughter and true successor to Begnion’s 36th Apostle Misaha (thus also making her the current Apostle Sanaki’s elder sister).
She is highly opposed to and holds a low opinion of the hero Ike, who she blames for Daein’s current troubles due to his actions in the Mad King’s War. But, his thoughts on the “branded” left a deep impression on her (that there is no such thing, they are all people to him). It made her think twice about whether or not she would go back into hiding after the war’s end as she had originally planned.

During the decisive fight against Ashera (the Goddess of Order), she and Lehran have a talk as “ancestor and descendent.” He expressed his complex feelings on the matter, implying that had he known she still lived, things may have gone very differently.
After the war’s end, she turns down her sister Sanaki’s pleas to return to Begnion, and chose to go back to Daein with Sothe by her side instead. At the strong urging of her people, she was crowned 15th Queen of Daein. She endeavored to create and rule a country that would know no war.



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