Fire Emblem Heroes: “Physic” Description Translation Error

Update: It seems this error has been fixed in the latest update! Now this post can serve as reference for how it used to be.

It seems this error actually has tricked a lot of people –especially those who were rolling/spending orbs to get the specific healers that have this “miraculous” ability. Please help spread this information to clear up confusion and save player orbs if you can!

A friend of mine on twitter pointed out a translation error regarding the “Physic” staff description in Fire Emblem: Heroes (for IOS and Android).

It can cause some confusion for players, so let’s take a quick look side-by-side:


Rng 2
Restores 8 HP to target and all allies within 2 spaces of target.


射程 28回復 射程 2

(Lit Translation):
Libro (the name for Physic in Japanese)
Rng 2
Recovers 8 HP. Range is 2.

Or, more simply put, heals 8 HP to [an ally] up to 2 spaces away.

It is an interesting error, considering how simple the Japanese is. “8 HP Healed” and “Range 2.” Perhaps the translator was not a fan and likely lacked context as many do. No trial of the skill in the game itself would also be detrimental to knowing what it does, for instance.

So English players may have been confused at what first seemed like an area of effect healing move actually just being a longer ranged healing move. I hope this helps clear it up.

Note I did not run into this myself as I lack any characters with physic at the moment, but he provided screenshots with it.

Thanks to @subarashiineko for providing the screen shots and pointing out the error. Some may have picked up on it already and posted elsewhere, but it helps to do this just in case.

Below is a summary and the shots that I annotated: