FE: Path of Radiance: “What does that ‘Eat Rock’ guy say in Japanese?” [JPN vs ENG]


When I was playing through Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (FE9) again a few months ago, I came across this particularly silly line that many fans (and I) find amusing.

I was curious as to what he said in Japanese, and managed to get hold of the Japanese game script to check just that!

The dialogue in question is from Chapter 25 of Path of Radiance (Strange Lands). It occurs in the scene right after you beat the level.

For those unaware, that map features traps and boulders that the enemy tries to roll down atop you. So when the group thinks they’ve cleared the field of enemies, along comes this guy…


English (Literal)

English (Localization)

So you’ve come!
Eat this!

Now we’ve got you! Eat rock!
Heh…eat rock… I’m pretty clever…

This line never ceases to be silly each time I read it. As you can see, in Japanese he does say eat but in the more straightforward “eat this” sort of way (it can be translated as “take this!” as well).

They did keep the “eat” theme, and simply changed it to eat this [rock]. The line about being clever is totally different though, and a silly addition.

The localizers may have felt particularly jolly that day (or perhaps had a running joke with this guy, or maybe it’s even a joke on the localizer’s choice of wording itself as a sort of meta joke). This is all speculation of course. There could be many reasons we will never know!

Either way it has little bearing on the story or anything and certainly gave me (and others) a good (albeit slightly confused) chuckle.

It’s an example of the types of minor changes that can happen with little controversy to make things more fun for the audience (subject to what they assume is fun, of course). Admittedly it may take away the seriousness of the situation (considering they get killed right after, and that the context is set as the group is nearing the grim final chapters…)

Well that does it for this brief comparison! I gained access to the Japanese text in both the Tellius games so hope to look into some other things in the future.

If you have any suggestions of what else to look into that you may be curious about, please feel free to leave a comment below! I hope to tackle something regarding the Black Knight next.


12 thoughts on “FE: Path of Radiance: “What does that ‘Eat Rock’ guy say in Japanese?” [JPN vs ENG]

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  3. My favorite Fire Emblem NPCs are:
    -the eat rock guy
    -the 3-13 sniper
    -that one guy in Revelations who just wanted to walk his cat
    -that STONE COLD MOTHERFUCKER in the Ice Tribe who slams the door on you in Birthright
    -Rally Man (technically playable if you capture him)
    -Donnel’s mom
    -“Hey, great job pissing off the pirates, guys”
    -the one cat lady who pretends to be dead
    -that savage af old guy in Midori’s paralogue
    -the merchant convoy
    -there’s this one kid in PoR who gives you a secret book who I think is adorable for some reason
    -any NPC who doesn’t recognize you (like “Heping Say’ri, are you?” or “Are you one of Eliwood’s soldiers? You have that look about you..”)

  4. Is there any noticeable difference in Ike and Ranulf’s support when the latter compares himself to a fish, realizing his error and getting Ike to laugh? I always love that little dialog, “Eat rock!” and glad the localization team mixed it up as they had.

    • Oh, that sounds like a fun one to look into. I’ll add it to my list and take a look at it when I get time. : )

      Yeah, that eat rock line was definitely memorable due to its silliness, go guess that got the job done! xD

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