FE Fates: Did Corrin reference a meme on the final chapter of Revelation? [JPN vs ENG]


It’s been a while since I did a comparison on Fire Emblem Fates, but this was one thing I was curious about that I got to check today.

Spoiler Warning: The scene in particular is from the final chapter of Revelation. It does not give too much away, nor do I go out of my way too. However, some things in the dialogue may give some minor elements away, so please proceed at your own risk. (I even blurred out the above image).

Please note that this post is purely informative and may share some opinion, but this does not mean the change is necessarily good or bad. A change is just a change that is being looked into, and you can be the judge of whether you like it or not!

Right before the final battle, Corrin gives a motivating speech (as is typical for Fire Emblem games) to the rest of their crew.

Here is what he/she says in the official English localization:

“We won’t back down! This is my… This is our destiny! Ready your weapons! Fight for your friends! With the Seal of Flames…With the Fire Emblem on our side! We fight for our world!!”

I highlighted the phrase above. As plenty of Fire Emblem (and non-Fire Emblem) fans are aware, there is a meme that came from one of Ike’s victory lines in the Smash Bros. games which goes, “I fight for my friends.” (The video is from Smash Bros for Wii U / 3DS, but first appeared in Brawl).

So the wording above may be too good to be coincidence, considering it is a meme based on a Fire Emblem character (who also appears in this game if you have the amiibo).

So, let’s take a look at the original Japanese:


Lit (for reference):

“We won’t run away! I…we chose to pursue this destiny! So… surely we will see to that future! Everyone…prepare your weapons! Trust your allies and fight! Under the Seal of Flames…the Fire Emblem! Let’s go!”

And a more flowing translation:

“We won’t back down! I…We chose this destiny! And so… we’ll continue to forge our own path to the future! Ready your weapons! Believe in each other, and fight! The Seal of Flames – no, the Fire Emblem – is on our side! Let’s go!”

So, we can see that the end result localization likely had the meme in mind. The Japanese at the literal level says “Trust in your friends/allies, and fight!” There is a difference between trusting in one another and fighting for one another. I already point out how the line is specific to Fire Emblem too.

They also tied it into the overall speech, as it is followed up with “we fight for our world!” at the end of the speech, rather than the simple “move out!” It does make for a motivating speech though!

Another observation: the official localization really minimizes the importance of choosing that path, which is odd as it is the theme of the entire game (and meta-theme, too). Corrin in English says “this is my…our destiny,” whereas in Japanese there is an emphasis on the fact this is the destiny they have chosen, and that they will make their own future. The English version glosses over the future line entirely, going straight to readying weapons.

Speaking of readying weapons, it’s a little funny that the other meme from what Ike says, (“prepare yourself”) did not appear there when it could have, considering it would fit the more literal meaning of the line right before too.

The usual reasons come to mind as to why certain aspects were cut out, being space limitations. Though, in recent games, that has been less of an issue with localizers able to add more dialogue boxes as needed. As such, I am not quite sure why references to the game’s main themes would be cut out (and a meme inserted instead). That is the part that confuses me the most, really!

Though, in English he does yell “I make my own fate!” (out loud) when saying the “fight for your friends” line. Perhaps they compensated with that?

But, as always with these comparisons, an official word will probably never come. We can only speculate about these things.

Quick notes on the Japanese dialogue:

  • In Japanese, there are six variations of everything Corrin says. Different gender intonations, different levels of formality. In English, there is just two, one for each gender.
  • The one I translated is the first in the text dump, being male.
  • However, the relevant lines do not differ in anyway, nor does the meaning change in any significant matter.

So, in summary:

Yes, that is likely a reference to the “I fight for my friends” meme that only exists in the English version. Some other dialogue relating to the theme of the game was oddly cut out, and the more fitting “prepare yourself” went unused when it would have been more relevant (and accurate) to the original meaning.

And that’s that! Feel free to request other things (be it from Fates or not) to look into if you are curious at all what things may have changed across translation.


8 thoughts on “FE Fates: Did Corrin reference a meme on the final chapter of Revelation? [JPN vs ENG]

          • Even then, I’m certain their shame is hidden somewhere.

            8-4 doing Echoes: Shadows of Valentia will deliver a wonderful groin attack to the “love and peace, chicken grease”-morons who might as well be former 4Kids workers who think jelly-filled donuts make sense. *beat* Because, they’re sorely mistaken… Well, it can’t be any worse than Saizou’s and Belka’s C-support, or Mewtwo being painted as an absolute villain in non-Japanese versions of Pokémon: The First Movie.

            • I meant to do an in-depth look at Pokemon: The First Movie, because there was a lot cut out there!

              I’m a little iffy with 8-4 as well with their Awakening localization, but they seem to do well with other games. So let’s see how that goes.

  1. I have a question, not so much about Kamui, but about Ike’s dialogues from FE9 that it stems from, though these were in the English versions. I don’t know if they were somewhat similar in Japanese? I guess as a predecessor to his popular Smash phrases and where the idea to use them ultimately came from, even though they were tweaked a little?

    In Chapter 14, “Training” of FE9, Ike yells to the boss, “You’ll receive no mercy from us!” And FE10 against (pretty sure it is Micaiah) he says, “I hate to do this to Sothe, but if you stand before me as my enemy, you’ll get no mercy from me.”

    Ike says a loose interpretation of “I fight for my friends!”, I think? “All I do is live by my principles, my sword, and my friends.” Living by a sword is, technically, living by the way of battle and he includes those he knows and cares about in that sense, hence it being interpreted as, “I fight for my friends!”?

    • I actually looked into the original Japanese (from Smash Bros) as to what he said and whether Corrin/Kamui was saying something close to that in English. In Japanese smash bros, he basically says “I fight only for those who [need] protection.” (which is different than what Kamui says there)

      However! I did not actually look into the FE9/10 stems, so I’ll look into those two and compare them with the Smash Bros Japanese lines, and then how they were translated (both in game and Smash Bros) to see if that gets us anywhere : )

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