Pokémon B2/W2: Is Nursery Aide June really a man? [JPN vs ENG] (Revisited)

I made a post a few weeks ago regarding Nursery Aide June and whether she is really a he or not.

In it, I stated that one limitation was that I was unsure whether or not the second dialogue (meaning when you revisit said character) is different than first. So, I ended up comparing first dialogue (English) with second dialogue (Japanese). I assumed that the dialogue would be similar, but it was actually different.

A twitter user named @technickal101 provided me with a video of the second dialogue, so now I can take a look at the direct comparison!

I was sent a question by one of my readers who was curious to know something:

“In Pokémon: Black 2 / White 2, there is a Nursey Aide named June who you face only as a male trainer at the Rondez-View Ferris wheel in the summertime. Bulbapedia trivia says they’re actually a man in Japanese! Is that true? If so can you provide the dialogue?”

I had played the game as a female trainer, so never encountered or heard about such a character. Upon doing some research, she only appears for the male trainer. Many others (including Bulbapedia’s trivia section) made the same claim the reader was curious about, but there was never any exact dialogue presented. So! I decided to hunt down the scene in both languages and present them side by side here for our reference!

For reference, this is a Nursery Aide (ほいくし in Japanese). Her name is June in English, and Enatsu (エナツ) in Japanese.

Now let’s look at the dialogue! (Apologies in advance for the dialogue spacing. There is only so much a free blog’s interface can do).

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