Three Years of Kantopia & the End of the Daily Blog

Three years! Wow…it’s time for a little reflection.

What started off as a personal project and basically a portfolio grew to become a small, but hopefully informative site for readers. I simply decided to share my own curiosity and thoughts on some observations and found out there is a reader base for it out there somewhere!

Posting everyday for that long has been great for sure. I got to run through all sorts of topics, from comparisons to just good old translations. It was a self imposed rule that I would upload at least one thing every day. Be it big, small, short, long, a translation, a note, or whatever. Something, anything! It would be a great way to improve writing, translation, or just reaching out to people.

And it seems to have served me pretty well. I met great people along the way, and my twitter following continues to grow with people who are intrigued by all the trivial things that I also enjoy!

Among those achievements was being able to translate some interviews that even made it to larger game sites. Though, it was much less about the fact the interviews got linked to and more than it got out to more people. That’s my personal joy.

Another wonderful honor is being cited by PushDustIn as one of the inspirations behind the wonderful SourceGaming which I’ve seen from its beginning continue to grow and grow. It warms me that I was an inspiration to anyone, and hope I can continue to be with posting things I enjoy sharing.

It was also great heading a coordinated translation project that saw the Fire Emblem community come together to help donate/fund Tellius Recollection Vol 2. Namely, buying an extra copy that I de-spined and scanned for higher quality image and translations. It was a great success, and is still ongoing!

Speaking of Fire Emblem, it’s also been a blast using my favorite Lilina as an unofficial mascot. I heard it was pretty well received much to my delight, hehe. She got to share in my joys and sorrows along the way.

So much use out of one sprite!

The portfolio proved invaluable in my ongoing search for my dream job (to work officially in video game translation and/or localization). However, it simply is not enough for many companies out there. They require people like me to have actual work experience, which is a shame that none of this really counts for much beyond simply blogging in the eyes of human resources.

Not that it takes away from it for me. For me, it’s been valuable experience in translation and the pursuit of (trivial) knowledge.

However, it is important because it meant I still need that practical experience to help land that dream job.

So, I made a big move and am back in Japan for the time being (which is what I was busy with the last week or two), and will be here teaching English for awhile to lovely school kids while improving my own language skill. As such, my schedule will certainly get much busier, and my readers know I love to be diligent at what I do –and hence will prioritize that job first and this blog second.

If I tried doing a daily blog while working what looks like will be quite a time intensive job, then I’d probably reach that overworked point (like when I marathoned the Japanese version of Fire Emblem Fates Revelation to write a summary in English for readers to enjoy).

So I decided I’ll finally listen to what a ton of users on, twitter, blog readers, and even Nino have told me all along:

So I won’t! And you’re welcome! (And thank you for reading!) For once, as hard as it is to quell my OCD when that one day is finally missed. It horrifies me just thinking about it!


This does not mean the blog is being abandoned entirely.

It simply means I probably won’t be able to do a daily upload! I do this all for free, after all! Not bound by ads or clicks for revenue, I feel it keeps it authentic in a way. Donations are simply tips or voluntary support from my readers, and certainly not expected!

As such, the Fire Emblem artbook scanlations, requests, etc will all continue! I still plan to do all that, it just may take a bit longer and come on a more sporadic schedule for when I get time to do them.

I will still do what I love to do with looking at game localizations and the like, so please continue to send requests and suggestions!

This message is so you don’t panic when you see there was indeed a day where Kantopia uploaded *gasp* nothing?!

It hurts me more than it hurts you, believe me!

You know, when writing this post, I realized just how much I love writing/translating/doing what I do on this blog. Perhaps even more than that dream career I’m aiming for..

But hey, when this teaching thing is all said and done and I’m back to being unemployed, you can be sure this blog will return to being a daily one until I finally land that dream job! (Where the objective of the portfoli-blog is ultimately complete).

And with that…

Aww, thanks!

Here’s to another year! Thank you all so much for all your support!

26 thoughts on “Three Years of Kantopia & the End of the Daily Blog

  1. Congratulations on your new job! I’ve heard from acquaintances that it’s pretty tough to get a job there.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog over the past years, even though I not commenting much! Back when Fates was being released, your posts were the highlights of my day 🙂

    Of course, it goes without saying that everything you post here is a pleasure to read 😀

    • It means a lot to me to hear that : ) It’s a reason I’m not ending this blog entirely. It’s my true passion to share silly trivia and other fun translation tidbits to those who like to read them. I may not be that big in the FE fanbase or any fanbase by any means, but the few readers I have seem to be quite dedicated. Thank you for your continued support!

  2. I see this as a chance, really. Working as an English teacher will not only earn you a revenue, it’ll surely add a lot to your english knowledge (believe me, I was a tutor for three years.)

    Good luck!

    • Yes, when learning English (or any language) as a second language, there are a lot of things native speakers miss. xD So we all learn more in the process.

      Thank you!

  3. Good luck at your new job, it sounds exciting! I’ll be rooting for you until you get your dream job!
    Until then, I will look forward to each update no matter how much time passes. 🙂

    • Thanks so much! It does sound exciting, but we’ll see how it goes in practice xD

      I hope each post is worth the time spent waiting : )

  4. Best of luck in Japan! It’s always a bittersweet feeling to know that reality catches up in some way or form. But alas, at least you are one step towards your goal!

    Also, I was wondering if you are part of the international JET Program for teaching? If so, I have a distant nephew who would love to meet you perhaps in Japan.

    Aside from that, stay happy and healthy! Best of wishes and luck!

    • Yes, alas… if this was a stable job I’d probably just do the blog till the end of days xD

      I am not part of JET, but a private company that basically does the same thing. : ) Where is your distant nephew stationed?

      Thanks! I hope you stick around and read too! This blog isn’t over!

      • Maybe one day i will see you in japan ah!

        Anyway i’m still looking for see your works when you can, then don’t make your “real” life destroy this great works even if i hope you will not be unemployed in the long term!!

        • Thank you, I really appreciate the kind words. When writing this post, I realized that I really enjoy writing this blog, and that perhaps, the blog itself is my dream job more than working for any company. xD

          • I can get that from your blogs, you really put something in them!

            Anyway i think you should be a great pr for ninty or intsys..
            Japan is a big opportunity for the one that can “survive”, even for a gaijin !

            This just for saying, never say never.. Everything could happen!

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