FE RD: Tormod Character Profile (P. 80) Translation

This post is part of my ongoing translations of the Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Memorial Book: Tellius Recollection (Vol 2). 

This post features Tormod, a returning character from Path of Radiance.

His Path of Radiance profile can be seen here.

You can find every translation I’ve done on this book so far on the compilation post here!


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Species:     Beorc
Class:       Fire Sage > Archsage
Affinity:    Fire
Origin:      Begnion
Approx. Age: 16

A Fire Sage and commander of the Laguz Emancipation Army. Though it bears a grandiose title with “army,” it is actually just a gang made up of three people: Tormod, Muarim, and Vika.
He had met Begnon’s Empress Sanaki during the Mad King’s War, and used this connection to convey the Begnion Occupying Army’s atrocities to her by Sothe’s request.
He has a sociable personality and tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve. There is a scene where Micaiah still cannot quite get used to his straightforwardness. He became friends with Sothe three years ago due to them being of similar age and physique. But, Sothe grew significantly larger than Tormod in those three years. Tormod holds a grudge toward him for this, and occasionally surprises even Sothe with his childish tantrums related to the matter.


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