FE Binding Blade: Roy x Lilina Comic Translation (1) (Request)

Today I translated a very brief (2 page) fan comic featuring Roy and Lilina from Fire Emblem: the Binding Blade

This size of request is fairly simple to handle. This comic was originally drawn by artist @w_spread (who draws wonderful Roy and Lilina pictures, but also plenty of others!)

So please keep in mind I did not draw these. I simply translated them.

If you have any brief fan comic/picture requests, or are feeling kind enough to donate, please use the “DONATE” button on the top right of this page!


Original comic and w_spead’s gallery here.

Quick note: Lilina is actually quoting her death lines from the game, which are “ロイ・・・どうか負けないで” (Lit: Roy … please don’t lose!)

The fan translation for the game lists it simply as “Roy, do not lose.” This is accurate, but when considering the rather dramatic angles and depiction here, I took the literal meaning and expanded upon it a bit. For one the “どうか ” can be simply translated as “please” or as “someway or another.” Ideally, one would use it as “no matter what” (so you must not lose, or do not lose no matter what).

The next part is 負けないで, which is literally “do not lose/give up/surrender.” So you can see how the fan translation got to where they did fine. But I decided to go with “please” as the sort of final request style, as “you must not lose no matter what” may become a bit of a mouthful for someone who is saying their last words.

I went with “never give up” as he’s not exactly fighting anyone at that moment, but still has a campaign ahead of him. While one could say “don’t lose,” it’s vague. Don’t lose…the battle? The war? Hope? In that sense, “never give up” has the sort of vibe that “even when I’m gone, keep moving forward.”

You’ll be surprised how much thought is actually put into even little comics like this! That’s how it goes, though!

There are a few other comics in their gallery I may take a look at, but for now this is it!


3 thoughts on “FE Binding Blade: Roy x Lilina Comic Translation (1) (Request)

  1. Ps: I thought it was an official manga. Fan comics are nice and this one is very cute, but as far im aware there’s a comic that portrays Roy/Lilina too while his other romances are ignored.

    • Yep! This is just a fan translation as you realized : ) Is the comic that shows it Hasha no Tsurugi? (I haven’t read it myself, but is the FE6 manga)

  2. Very good translation. I dislike though when they get preference to one pairing over another since I don’t ship them together and prefer Roy with a another love interest.

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