FE Binding Blade: Roy x Lilina Comic Translation (4)

Today I translated a single page fan comic featuring Roy and Lilina from Fire Emblem: the Binding Blade.

This comic was originally drawn by artist @w_spread who draws quite a lot of fan art involving the two.

So please keep in mind I did not draw these. I simply translated them.

If you have any brief fan comic/picture requests, or are feeling kind enough to donate, please use the “DONATE” button on the top right of this page!


The original comic can be found on this tweet.


8 thoughts on “FE Binding Blade: Roy x Lilina Comic Translation (4)

    • Thank you for reading! The actual game doesn’t really ship the two as hard as fans, I think. She is there as his childhood friend and all but Roy can end up with quite a few of the other characters so it doesn’t really go anywhere in the main story xD

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