That Bewitching Scent (あまく危険な香り) Lyrics Translation [Literal]

This is a song translation request from a reader. It is a little late, considering they made the request back in October 2016, but I only got around to working on it now!

It is a song from the 80s  by Tatsuro Yamashita that apparently had no translation, so I tried my hand at it. It has been awhile since I have done a song. They can be notoriously difficult to translate too, especially the more poetic ones such as this.

So I provide a literal translation only. I hope you enjoy! The song can be heard from the video above!

Regarding the title:


Literally: “Sweet dangerous scent”

So “sweet” and “dangerous” are at odds with each other. It basically implies the scene is alluring, yet has a fatal downside to it. So “bewitching” I felt was a great way to go with it as it has a love implication to it.

Now let’s get to the lyrics!

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