That Bewitching Scent (あまく危険な香り) Lyrics Translation [Literal]

This is a song translation request from a reader. It is a little late, considering they made the request back in October 2016, but I only got around to working on it now!

It is a song from the 80s  by Tatsuro Yamashita that apparently had no translation, so I tried my hand at it. It has been awhile since I have done a song. They can be notoriously difficult to translate too, especially the more poetic ones such as this.

So I provide a literal translation only. I hope you enjoy! The song can be heard from the video above!

Regarding the title:


Literally: “Sweet dangerous scent”

So “sweet” and “dangerous” are at odds with each other. It basically implies the scene is alluring, yet has a fatal downside to it. So “bewitching” I felt was a great way to go with it as it has a love implication to it.

Now let’s get to the lyrics!

English (Literal Translation):

Your suggestive kiss
Is unbearable suffering
My heart lies within the shadow of a dark door
As it trembles in fear of unrequited love

Within the breathtaking night
I began to forget the scent of love
My heart which remains scarred
Is too sorrowful to believe anymore

Never again can I turn and face
That bewitching scent of love
Nor can I regain those days I spent with you
As the blindfold slowly slips away

Romaji Lyrics (for those interested in singing in Japanese):

Anata no omowaseburi na kuchizuke
taekirenu hodo no kurushisa
kokoro wa kuragari no tobira no kage de
mukuwarenu ai no yokan ni furueru

Iki wo hisometa yoru ni magirete
wasurekaketeta ai no kaori yo
ichido wa kizutsuita hazu no kokoro de
shinjiaeru ni wa amari ni kanashi sugiru

Nido to furimuku koto wa dekinai
amaku kiken na ai no koori yo
anata ni torimodosu hibi wa mounai
sotto mekakushi no furishite toorisugiru

Original Japanese lyrics:

報われぬ愛の 予感に震える

息をひそめた 夜にまぎれて
忘れかけてた 愛の香りよ
信じ合えるには あまりに悲し過ぎる

二度と振り向く 事は出来ない
あまく危険な 愛の香りよ
そっと目かくしのふりして 通り過ぎる

That was one difficult song to translate, but I hope these literal lyrics at least give some idea as to what’s going on!


4 thoughts on “That Bewitching Scent (あまく危険な香り) Lyrics Translation [Literal]

  1. Lately I’ve been trying karaoke out. So far I’ve gone to 2 locations and both of them have tatsuro songs that I’ve been listening to for awhile now, this entire site is very helpful for me, I’ve already got 2 songs down and can’t wait to sing it with my friends when the opportunity shows. Thank you so much for this translation, you’ve done a great deed!

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