FE RD: Volke Character Profile (P. 98) Translation

This post is part of my ongoing translations of the Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Memorial Book: Tellius Recollection (Vol 2). 

This post features Volke, a returning character from Path of Radiance.

His Path of Radiance profile can be seen here.

You can find every translation I’ve done on this book so far on the compilation post here!

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Transcript: (Eng)

Species: Beorc
Class: Assassin
Affinity: Wind
Approx. Age: 36

A skilled intelligence gatherer with no loyalty to any one country or lord. He will do anything for the right price. He is also a remarkable Assassin who goes by the name of “Fireman.”
He had formed a contract with Greil in the past, and eventually ended up fighting alongside Ike during the Mad King’s War. Bastian often relies on Volke to do secretive missions for him, and the two have built a unique relationship on mutual trust that goes beyond a simple contractual relationship.
He is very particular about being paid in advance, and is never willing to cooperate unless he is paid upfront –regardless of if his close acquaintances or even the world is in great danger. Even when he was asked to hunt down an escaped Izuka who summoned “feral ones,” he still demanded 3000 gold before fighting on Elincia’s behalf.


  • Interestingly, he appears as part of the “Greil Mercenaries” rather than unaffiliated.



5 thoughts on “FE RD: Volke Character Profile (P. 98) Translation

      • Do you personally subscribe to the theory that he’s a Wolf branded from Hatari? I definitely kind of do because it definitely puts some of his actions into perspective, and besides, he looks like Volug’s beorc form.

        • I have never actually heard of that theory until now. I did not really think much on whether he is branded or not. I simply chalked him up to be a rather talented beorc, but I can see why he could be branded as well.

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