FE RD: Rafiel Character Profile (P. 114) Translation

This post is part of my ongoing translations of the Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Memorial Book: Tellius Recollection (Vol 2). 

This post features the new character Rafiel.

You can find every translation I’ve done on this book so far on the compilation post here!

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Transcript: (Eng)

Species: Laguz
Class: Bird Tribe – Heron Prince
Affinity: Heaven
Origin: Serenes
Apparent Age: 24*

Hobby: Conversing with nature
Talent: Music (Singing, Instruments, etc.)
Finds Important: The good in everyone
Likes: Strong, noble spirits
Dislikes: Feeble/spineless people

A bird-tribe heron laguz of the former Kingdom of Serenes. First Prince of the royal family with the rare ability to sing Galdrar. He is Reyson and Leanne’s elder brother.
Half a year before the “Serenes Massacre,” he was captured by beorc slave-traders in Serenes Forest. He was then auctioned off to be a pet to rich and powerful beorc. He caught the eye of one particularly influential senator, Hetzel, who took him into his care and treated him with hospitality. One cannot deny that the feeble Hetzel may have taken Rafiel in simply out of guilt, but in the end he did save Rafiel’s life, which consequently also eventually led to the Goddess herself appearing before the warring beorc and laguz.
Hearing of the “Serenes Massacre,” Rafiel fled Hetzel’s estate in a flurry of confusion. However, as a result of his trauma from the slave-traders, he still found himself unable to fly with his wings. He lost his way and found himself collapsed and barely alive in the Desert of Death, located in eastern Begnion. Queen Nailah of Hatari had come across and saved him. The two eventually became lifelong partners.
He is the embodiment of what a typical heron is like –soft and delicate. In contrast to Reyson and Leanne who are more vigorous thanks to outside influences, he is the most timid and frail of the three siblings. Since this is the way a heron is supposed to be, Nailah is wary of bad influences on Rafiel, and disapproves of those like Reyson who admire and try to emulate the brave Tibarn.
Among the three siblings, his Galdrar is the strongest. He was able to completely heal Muarim from the effects of the “medicine that creates the feral ones” on his own.





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